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Game story

Basics: the battle is a turn based battle. basically, it has a 3 to 3 matching structure. The center position is called leader, and the left and right position of the leader are called support. Only the hero in the leader's position cna play at every turn. Then you will attack to proceed with the turn. Attack methods include basic and skill attacks. First, touch the dice on the left to learn the basic attack. Hero is equipped with dice, and as much as he is equipped, he can throw in an attack.

Dice Saber Hack Basics trucos

The dice can throw up to six, and will have one of the values from one to six. At this point, the number of combos that match the yes of the dice thrown and the attribute of the hero's dice (in Berr's case 1) will occur. The combo count at the bottom is the reference value for all attacks, and the power increases by the number of that combo. Combo can be made from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 12 depending on dice manipulation. Then let's see how to make a combo through dice manipulation.

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You can cut the dice by touching it in this state. At this point, the cut dice will retain its original value and get one more value. By cutting the dice, one more was added, increasing from 4 combo to 5 combo. The dice can also be cut continuously by touching and slide on the screen. Then, you'll cut the remaining dice. Follow the line and draw the remaining dice in a row like a picture. When cutting the dice, there is an additional effect if you operate it in sequence.

Dice Saber Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The red dice on the right means each hero's unique dice. A dice with the same value on all sides of the dice is called the hero's unique dice. Comparison shows that the dice have the same color and value. The unique dice come in three colors, red, yellow and blue, for each hero's attributes.
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3. After cutting all te regular dice sequentially the finish effect is triggered at the end. When you cut the unique dice called finish, which has the additional combo +1. Touch the unique dice to activate the finish effect. There was an additional 1 as the dice cut, but the finish effect made it an additional +1 and became a 7 combo.
4.On the enemy's turn, the enemy leader throws a dice, and the enemy's attack changes by the number of combos on the right.

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