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Dicey Elementalist Game story

The differences between the human and the demons plunged the element land into a never-ending war! In 220, in the final "Primary Showdown", a great elementalist put an end to all this. He led the human race to victory, giving the elemental land a brief peace! However... In the depths of the dugeon, the demons are constantly cultivating new forces through the regeneration power of the "Heart Source". In order to regain the "Heart Source", the master of elements exhausted his lifelong magic, and made more ordinary people become elementalists. And their story begins.

Dicey Elementalist Hack Basics trucos

When you encounter a Monster, click it to enter battle. Light up the Elements required and click to play a card! You cannot play cards that are not lit up. What should we do? Click the Roll Again button to roll again. All cards in Hand are played. Click End Turn. Looking forward to your next turn! Gain Rewards. Click the dice to hold or unhold. This Element Dice will be retained when you roll again this turn. Click the Effect Icon to view detailed description. Weaken: Reduce 30% of card damage you deal. Level -1 at the end of your turn. When you take damage, you gain Fury. Spend an amount of Fury to cast your Fury ability. Click to cast it!

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[Basic Rules]
1. Opponent goes first. Roll 5 dice.
2. Click the dice rolled to take them back and hold them.
3. You can roll the dice left on field again.
4. Your turn ends when you run out of Rolls.
[Turn Clearance]
1. At the end of both sides' turns, compare the cases.
2. The side having bigger case wins a crown.
3. Both sides get a crown at a draw.
1. The first side to get two crowns wins.
2. If it's a draw, the player wins.

Dicey Elementalist Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Gain rewards if you roll the required Elements! Cast assisting Abilities to get more reward. You can leave any time you feel satisfied. Don't be too greedy.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dicey Elementalist cheat code - give: rune, SVIP, super pack, the chanter, diamond, lost crown, the prophet, gold, stardust, restore HP, legendary card, artifact
3. Normal Mode:
- Simple Dungeon Adventure
- Standart Rules
- 5 initial dice, 2 re-rolls each turn.

4. Beat monsters and bosses. Roll the dice to play cards. Build your own powerful deck. Collect tons of cards and artifacts. Tackle mini games.

Hack tools Version:


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