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Diner DASH Adventures Game story

Oh geez, what a nightmare! The diner's falling apart, the kitchen's a mess...what am I gonna do?! If only Flo were here. Flo! You're back! And just in time, I'm barely hanging on in here! I don't know what happened! almost feels like someone was deliberately trying to mess with us! Don't get pananoid - together, we can turn this place around. Now, let's head into the diner and get to work! Use the FAST FLO boost to walk 5X Faster! Use the Rainbow Match boost to get a Color Match Bonus 100% of the time!

Diner DASH Adventures Hack Basics trucos

It's Rosie, our first customer and most loyal regular! Tap to take her order. Great! Let's wait for Cookie to cook her order! Cookie's done! Tap the finished Eggs and Bacon to pick it up. Now tap on Rosie to deliver the Eggs and Bacon! Let's wait for her finish eating, and tap the table to collect her check! It looks like Rosie's not just our best regular, she's our ONLY regular! Tap on the table to seat her! Nice! Let's wait for her order. know what to do! Tap her to take her order! Don't forget to deliver it once it's done!

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In Diner DASH Adventures, you can serve in a Diner, run a Hotel, and cook food in a Restaurant Kitchen! Let's team up to fix these street lamps. The "dark street corner" look doesn't really inspire foot traffic. This is your notepad. You can find your To-Do List on it! Not surprisingly, it's the LIST of stuff, you have TO DO. Chapter 1: Return to DinerTown Install new street lamps. Tap here to install the new spiffy street lamps! Choose whichever street lamps you like! You can always change it by tapping and holding the object. Nice choice! But now those lamps have lit up other all that sidewalk trash!

Diner DASH Adventures Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We need to earn a Star to complete this task! Play levels to earn Stars and then spend them in your To Do List!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Diner DASH Adventures cheat code - give: coins, diamonds, deluxe key, stars, speed up, explore, stamina, premium furniture, manager, premium content
3. Tap the Trash Can to throw something away! Look, a new customer! Tap the table to seat Kingston. Kingston loves the color blue. Seat him at a blue table to make him extra happy!
4. You got a Color Match Bonus! These upgrades will help you in the next level. We can speed up Cookie by upgrading his Griddle! Look - the Griddle Speed will go down to 3 seconds after we upgrade!
5. Eggs cooked on the Griddle will take less time to prepare now. You can also upgrade the Eggs and Bacon dish to earn More Coins!
6. Want to try a new look? Tap and Hold an item on the map to choose a different style!
7. To get the STAR for this level, we need to earn COINS from customers. Finish your To Do List tasks to unlock new level and new business ti run!
8. Cookie can cook up to 3 of the same food at the same time! See how the two tickets merged? Now both plates cook at once for faster service! Use the Swap Button to switch customers' places at the front of the line! Tap your Helper to BOOST them and instantly speed them up!
9. We'll need to Upgrade our Food if we want to earn enough Coins for that second Star. Upgrading this dish makes it earn more COINS. Now customers will pay 6 Coins when they order Waffles. 3X more that before! Let's use our improved recipe to get the next Star we need! The upgraded Waffles should give us the Coins we need to earn the 2nd Star!

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