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AP potion - use hack VAz21sGeq
daily pack - enter pass hgp7Q5Lhm
secret combination - FAH7sXbrj
summon ticket - UuykQmnTg
booster pack - ecOxB1zzg
quarts - WslBJ8qjz
Month Card x1 - DPN2PWDPq
level up - WNAN6XWps
legendary equipment - Hy6Qd8PCL
premium summon - WlbKsEo1C
daily gift bag x10 - axnob4r6j
slots +5 - 1Oh8PFT7B
enhancement set - NuSaCsMmq
buffet pack - OPOla2f4J
upgrade - lvzvv0TKZ
N.E. Prinny - Fm91OV10P
gate keys - DyyzNiBXi
skip coupon - wjf9Rkl5I
gold bar - 94BkR6CAy

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Game story

It is said to be deeper than any sea and more impenetrable than any darkness. A shadowy world to which evildoers, who are fascinated by the gloom, are drawn. Where is this world? No one knows. An yet, all believe and fear its existence deep in their hearts. Now you've decided on your first candidate for becoming the strongest overlord, dood. You'll meet more characters in the future. It's up to you which one you train up to be the strongest. In other words, you get to decide, who'll be the strongest overlord. First, you need to select an area for the battle to take place. Then you need to select a stage. Now the stage is set, you'd better select a companion. A companion is a wingman who can help carry you through in a tight squeeze. Hit the battle button and let the fighting commence.


Battle screen - your party members are in the foreground, and the enemies are in the background. It's your turn soon. First, let's use a normal attack. Tap to select the enemy you want to attack. The party member who delivers the final blow gets extra EXP. So finish enemies off with the hero you want to level up the most. When you attack, sometimes a team attack is triggered. All you need to do is attack normally. Team attacks are more powerful, and the SP of all members involved will be restored. If you finish an enemy off with a team attack, all characters involved will receive EXP. You can check the chest on the result screen after the battle.

Hint & Tips

1.Party members get 10 SP before each action, and they can use skills when they have enough SP. Attack to accumulate SP (skill pts). Once you have enough SP, perform skills, these are the basics.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: AP potion, summon ticket, quarts, legendary equipment, premium summon, slots +5, enhancement set, buffet pack, N.E. Prinny, gate keys, skip coupon, gold bar
3. There are 2 types of missions: daily missions and milestones. rewards are issued once objectives have been completed. Mission rewards will be sent to your gift box. Daily missions reset at 0:00 everyday. Unclaimed rewards and incomplete objective will be reset. Long term missions that are always available. Completions will be recorded for each difficulty.
4. Each piece of equipment has its own rarity, the higher the rarity, the better the equipment. Rarity is divided into the following 3 grades. There are 9 different types of weapons as listed above. Characters will get a boost when equipping a weapon based on the WM the character has.

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5. 2ZIKjtmZvDiRk76
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