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Game story

Welcome to new game! The survivors of the Talam cataclysm fervently await your guidance. Help them survive, and thrive, in their new home. Beware that this land is not uninhabited, discover the weird and wonderful creatures that stalk the plains, the mountains, and the secrets that have lain dormant, untouched, until your arrival. Resource bar - these are your global 'goods'. Crescents, mana, happiness and residents indicate how your settlements are doing, and are vital to their survival. Keep your treasury stocked with crescents, use mana wisely, and fill your towns and cities with a happy and satisfied population. Bottom bar - from here you will be able to place new buildings, explore new areas, keep a weather eye on managing your city and research new technologies. THe city overview menu tells you everything about your city at a glance. Here you can see your demographics, happiness, immigration rate and also your budget. It's time to build your first warehouse! Open the build menu and select the small warehouse. You can rotate its placement with Q and E. Now, click on the small warehouse to open its inspector. Most buildings have an inspector, containing important information.

Distant Kingdoms Hack Basics

A building can have multiple jobs, some which will have a target affluence. Different affluences can work these jobs, but it can affect build efficience. All buildings have a monthly maintenance cost in crescents to keep them active. For now, buildings won't cost maintenance while you're learning the ropes, through. Fire, illness and crime can affect a building, and these percentages show the monthly chance of an emergency happening. There are specific buildings that help manage these risks. SOme buildings have unique functions, such as the warehouse you placed. You can control what stock is kept in a warehouse. If you click on specific goods, you cna prevent them from being stored in that warehouse. Marketplace provide a place for your residence to get their goods. Houses should therefore be built close by. Roads are a crucial part of any city. The residents will use them to access buildings, get to construction sites and head to marketplaces to pick up goods. They can be build by selecting roads in the transportation menu. After selecting roads, you can left click and drag to place one. Each tile of road costs crescents, so keep an eye on how long you make them to begin with! Right clicking anywhere exits road building mode.

Hint & Tips

1. Newly settled residents will pay crescents towards your treasury in monthly taxes, offsetting maintenance costs and allowing you to build and expand. Each household has a happiness rating, which is affected by whether their needs are being met. Since you're new here, your residents have decided to give you extra time before they grumble about their needs.
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3. Everyone is unique! Different races and different affluences will have different needs, whether they're required goods or buildings. Satisfying these increases happiness, but if a house's needs aren't met, then happiness is reduced. Required goods will be collected from marketplaces.
4. As your city grows, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade housing density and affluence. Increasing density allows for a bigger household, raising affluence means more crescents are paid in tax, but requirements increase.

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