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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

That was the year W.D. 530, long before Socrates truly began to understand the weight of war. In the year's that passed, he entered service under command of Alaric as an accountant. He did what he does best - recording what he heard and saw along the way. Little did he know that lieutenant Bertrand had draw a target on his back. We have arrived at the holy city. So far, our army plundered 20 villages along the way, burned down more than 20 houses, a total of thousands of pounds of grain, more than 20 cattle, more than 60 sheep, more than 30 pigs, with army secretary Socrates broadcast, thank you for your continued....Let's begin your adventure.

Divinity's Rise Hack Basics

Tap on a tile to move. Tiles in all directions around your character will be revealed after moving. Watch out! You'll have to defeat enemy to get past him. Action bar - your heroes' avatars will move along it as they prepare to attack. Bottom bar - these are your skills. You'll need to pick a skill and a target with each action. Time for battle. Please use your basic attack on the target. Arcane skills have much stronger effects. Cast one now. Take note! The element or type of your hero determines their advantages and disadvantages. Tap on an enemy while using auto battle to focus all heroes' attacks on that target. Collect 3 souls to summon the Genie and make a wish. Remember to challenge ultimate trials every day for materials to upgrade your heroes.

Hint & Tips

1. Hero get knocked out in the spire? Back out of battle before it ends to restore your team's status to pre-encounter levels!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, hero chips, blitz, materials, gems, summon scroll, SSR hero, equipment, level up, upgrade
3. Ascend heroes - use hero chips to ascend heroes for massive star boosts. Need more hero chips? Test your skills at finishing lucky bounties. Advanced heroes - blitz stages for tons of materials to upgrade units.
4. Tons of experience potions for heroes are stored within the statues of EXP assault.
5. Activate perks to collect exclusive rewards every day! Forget to check-in one day? Don't worry - you can always reclaim its rewards.
6. Enemies healing too often? Affect them with weakened. It's quite devastating.

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