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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Commander, you're finally here! The situation is Fubar, and we need you to lead us to the city of hope. Tap on challenge to start battle. Tap on the hero avatar to deploy. You can trust us, this battle's as good as ours. Tap on the button to enter battle. Drag left/right to move your field of vision. Rage is full? Tap on the hero avatar to use ultimate. Clear boss levels in the main mission line to earn gems.

Doomsday Guardian Hack Basics

Ranged heroes will automatically be placed in the back row. Tap on the hero avatar to view details. Clear levels by adjusting your lineup to counter the opposition. "hero holoscan" - a piece of cutting edge technology developed by future force. Insert energy pods to scan for elite heroes. Tap to search for heroes to recruit. Top up any amount on your first purchase and get a super hero. Promote heroes in the lab to increase power and maximum level. Share your main team's levels with other heroes in the connected cabins.

Hint & Tips

1. Fight legion bosses to earn legion coins, and consume in the legion shop. Clear boss levels to earn large gem rewards.
2. You've been online for some time, how about you go collect your online rewards? Online rewards can be claimed multiple times. You can claim them every now and then.
3. Complete road to conquest to earn large amounts of enhancement agents. The more levels you clear, the greater your gains.
4. Complete 1-10 to open the danger zone. In this area, you can explore the forbidden military zone, search for treasure in the apocalypse dawn, challenge commanders in the area, or prove yourself on the road to Hell.
5. When a combat station finds an elite hero, there is a greater chance of acquiring an elite hero from your wishlist (total chance of acquiring an elite hero is not subject to change).


Arson - betty's combined usage of her flamethrower and grenade launcher turns the battlefield into a sea of fire, searing all enemies and dealing 90% ATK DMG in multiple hits. Dumdum bullet - Aurora uses Dumdum bullets to deal 80% ATK DMG to an enemy with the highest HP. Splintered bullet shrapnel also rip into the enemy, dealing 80% ATK DMG per second for 8 seconds. Grenade torrent - the cavalry has arrived! Throw an abundance of grenades at enemies in the target area within a short duration, for a total of 4 massive explosions over a large area.

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