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Doomsday Last Survivors Game story

A Zombie invasion turned the Shelter into a dead city. The survivors had no choice but to leave their homeland embarking on a journey filled. Dunwich Town - The military fell on the first day of the outbreak. The townspeople had no choice but to protect themselves. They defended a temporary fort day and night. Edith College - Students and teachers who had survived the apocalypse hold the fort, their compassion and love the world has never once waned. Freddy's Alliance - The industrial town, known for being a hub of endless activity, became a ghost towm after the outbreak. They used what they could find to build a defense. Dawn Station - After the apocalypse, a group of people hoping to flee by car were forced to assemble and find a way to live together. Armed with only their weapons. Igor's Division - After the Zombie outbreak, those who opposed the culling of potentially infected townspeople joined Igor's Division. Dragon Clan - After the disaster, countless displaced people have come to this place, leaving behind their former identies and pasts to join the alliance led by the leader. Freedom Senna - This once idle and tranquill town was almost consumed by smoke and blood. The survivors fled to the still-standing central movie theater.

Doomsday Last Survivors Hack Basics trucos

The world has fallen. We're no longer innocent. Survivors unite and resist, their laws are their own. The future is bleak, but we can change that. There are those who would stop us, the ones who enjoy the new world. For the sake of humanity, it's time to fight back. We'll never give up! Tap on the target area to blow up the Oil Factory. Most of the buildings were destroyed...But at least we're not injured. It's the best we could do. Let's clear up the mess outside. There may be survivors out there. The Shelter is a mess after the disaster. There is no relief, only exhaustion on people's faces. Despair eats away at their souls.

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We don't know when there'll be another attack like yesterday. We don't have enough oil tanks to blow them up again. We need to prepare. Is there a way to rebuild the walls? The Zombies are here! We have to fix the Barricade. First we need to collect Wood from the Lumberyard. This should be enough to fix the Barricade! With this we'll be able to protect the Shelter from attacks. We need help gathering supplies. Let's repair the Police Station so we can contact more survivors. Let's send our cars to search for survivors and supplies outside the Shelter. Now that we have enough hands, we can gather more supplies outside the Shelter! Deploy Engine Squad units to gather more resources. Your Scouts will explore the target area and report the results soon. Let's head back and continue to build the Shelter while we wait for them.

Doomsday Last Survivors Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Scouts help you investigate enemies and clear the fog. They can also help you search for map events. They are Commanders' most reliable source of information. There are many unknown dangers ahead. Deploy Scouts to explore the areas outside the Shelter.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Doomsday Last Survivors cheat code - give: resources, speed up, food, stone, wood, advanced search, vip, exploration, research, premium troop, legendary hero, shards, parts, immigration order, daily pack, gem pass, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Higher Tier troops are stronger in battle. Increase Hero's Rank to unlock more Skills.
4. The troops are patrolling the Shelter as usual, but the Zombies have broken through the walls, adding to the devastation of the shelter. The heroes are forced to pick up their weapons once again and take on a vicious battle with the Zombies.
5. Ranger - Armed with simple wooden bows, these survivors kill passers-by with silent arrows.
6. Wanderer - The plain two-box vehicle is slightly reinforced and modified to adapt to the post-apocalyptic world.
7. Rogue - More combat-capable than the average archer, they use compound bows to improve their accuracy.
8. Archer - Equipped with precision compound crossbows, they often strike at difficult-to-defend areas.
9. Elite Heart Piecer - They can detect every movement, and their sniper rifles pose a threat to rear targets.
10. Armored Heart Piecer - Outstanding snipers excelling at long-range combat, equipped with powerful firearms.
11. Ace Heart Piecer - With their heavy sniper rifles and unparalleled shooting skills, they're an unstopable force!
12. Iron Cavalry - Survivors riding their small motorcycles to escape from danger.
13. Exile - Their off-road bikes allow them to be both offensive and defensive, making them a threat.
14. Biker - The trained bikers are able to escape from many dangerous situations because of their shocking travel speed.
15. Elte Trailblazer - They are much faster and more experienced than average bikers. This makes them harder to be defeated.
16. Upgrade a Hero's Rank to unlock new skills for the Hero and gain attribute points.

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