Cheats hack Double Star II code:shield, energy, speed, photons, free version, premium ship, boss stage, artifact, arena mode Double Star II Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Double Star II hack cheat code List

shield - use hack eg413JoJo
daily pack - enter pass PFiiVMXZx
energy - 2coixq3YT
speed - v71SNGzT9
booster pack - uaAOVCGU2
photons - zaseU1KNi
Month Card x1 - vDkWc3a23
free version - ybydVMSCf
daily gift bag x10 - QF9DHKZY6
premium ship - 8N4eXPcYM
boss stage - rpG5Du5tk
premium - RgAULzPVy
upgrade - m1Y0a6tQY
level up - xU5DpqlTH
artifact - ZEhQrdIjF
arena mode - UznmGadBo

Double Star II use cheats
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Game story

We are at war. The aliens have invaded the galaxy and now threaten our planet. Starfleet needs starship captains. You want to do your part to save our world. So you enter training in the battle school. Your dream is to learn everything about starships (weapons, navigation, repairs) and become captain. With your own starship to command, you know you can save our planet. Your training for captain begins now. Ship status panels are on the left, and the right. Command buttons are along the bottom. Shield, phases, photons, dock, repair are shown. Touch the >> button to see additional commands. Use pinch touch to zoom the screen. To move, start by pressing down on the starship. Press for about half a second. Then drag your finger to plot a course. The color indicates if the course is safe. Red means there is something blocking your path.

Double Star II Hack Basics

Release your finger when you like the course plotted. Your ship moves to the destination square. Shields^ - raise shields on starship. Shields_- lower shields. Dock - dock at a base for resupply and repair; your starship must be adjacent to the base. To use less energy when you move, lower your shields first. The ship uses 50% less energy that way. For weapons, you have phases and photon torpedoes. Phases - touch 1-3 enemy ships to fire at. Photons - touch 1-3 targets to fire at. Phases do more damage at close range. Enemy commander ships are difficult to destroy. Use several torpedos at once. Try to destroy them before they retreat. Give time, they regain strength. Try to destroy small enemy starships while they are in range. If a commander ship is nearby, they get a small power boost once they move away. Power S+ - transfer power from main power to shields. Power S - - transfer shield power to main power. Sometimes shield power is your only option for energy for warp engines.

Hint & Tips

1.To change speed, touch speed bar in starship status box on left. The faster the speed, the more energy you use.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shield, energy, speed, photons, free version, premium ship, boss stage, artifact, arena mode
3. To do repair, touch damage text in the status box on right. Or use the repair command. Repairs go faster if you are docked at a base.
4. To see the chart view, touch the two dots on the lower right. The chart shows the region you are fighting in. The chart shows 8 quadrants wide by 8 quadrants high. As you explore, the computer fills in data from the sensors. Red dots indicate enemy starships; white dots, stars.

Double Star II Hack tools Version:


Double Star II Redeem code - premium gift box

1. PZizrOD0sOnqT6W
2. RckgoqRSiXCQNGj
3. vcf02fKCnPZuTpx
4. I83kbkfqFGPeWtM
5. 4qbnlWkSm7Ok0uO
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