Cheats hack Dragon Arise code:hatch, speed up, crystal, dust, gold, food, workers, tone, all resources, shield, admin Dragon Arise Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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all resources - use H2F8b2CWl
hatch - zK09zEwyo
crystal - B1USgWsRl
off ads - nXkwB34QH
dust - yBLOqYDeu
speed up - POi4ggbSy
gold - jG7W6za3a
food - RXPkOYqjT
workers - V0gUgmfw8
tone - r9KJEGRkQ
admin panel - s9Q9FF6wq
all resources, - KrdEK770T
shield - wEsu04R0a
gears - mIyvxNIPV
vip status - UiEvqGebj
legendary hero - oA8Kb6o6J
gems - sJWD3h0BS
exclusive pack - YqUvPzIG5

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Game story

My lord, it's time for your daily training! Darkness never rests, so we must always be prepared. As a dragon Knight, it's a vital to form a tight bond with your dragon through hatching. Wonderful, you got Blaze. Now let's see what it can do on the battle field. Journey - explore the world of dragons and free the land of elements. Arena - challenge other players' fortifications to win the cup and become the mightiest dragon rider. Send Blaze to battle first. Its attack range is ideal for fighting jam packed enemies. Send Aquaneth to battle as well. It's an excellent healer. Press spell icon to use special ability. Choose a target to release. Blaze flies in the targeted direction, dealing 115% ATK damage on impact. Enemies with debuffs take additional 50% damage.

Dragon Arise Hack Basics trucos

We need more dragons. Let's start breeding now. You must select 2 units for breeding. You got an Orsor egg. Let's hatch it now. Orsor is a strong fellow. Damage increases against a target restrained by your element, and decreases against a target whose element restrains yours. There's a wind Ballista across from us. This will put Aquaneth at a disadvantage. Orsor's element is Fire, which restrains Wind. We should send him to battle.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - mARNwPxzC
level up - R91EkFACB
daily pack - enter pass 1NnaIETci
admin account - CFXGBPga5
Month Card x1 - 9cFicfPFB
booster pack - TBiYaq5su
evolve - 15CnP4hQl
enhance - 8GcAzNrTv
Orsor's skill - jump and smash toward the target area, dealing 120% atk damage to nearby enemies and reducing their DEF by 30% for 10 seconds. Utilizing elemental restraints will lead to an easier win. You must do this often. Training dragons will enhance their power. Training requires food. You can produce massive amounts of food with fish grill. Build it now. Food is in production now. Remember to collect here when you need. Maximize advantage for your dragons with elemental restraints. Pay attention to dragon's role and try different formations. Level up your dragons and breed new units.

Dragon Arise Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Dragons spend mood when working at home, recover mood while not working.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: hatch, speed up, crystal, dust, gold, food, workers, tone, all resources, shield, admin panel, secret combination
3. Duplicate eggs automatically converted to dust. The fish grill produces a small amount of dragon dust as well.
4. Units gain energy when attacked or defeating enemies. Most enemies attack the first target coming into range.
5. Buildings that finish in 5 mins can be built immediately. The training hall can resist most of damage before other buildings are destroyed.

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