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Dragon Pet 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hello young trainer. Let me explain the basics. Tap egg to crack shell and help dragon to born. Top bar - this is your trainer level indicator. The higher the level the more things it will unlock for you. Use move button to explore this land. Unit menu - here you can dress up your dragon. Wiki - here you can find a lot of interesting information about your pet. Use - thee icons indicates something to uncover. This is observer mode. Use gestures to freely rotate, zoom in or out the view. While exploring the land, you cna find many interesting places, as well as useful items.

Dragon Pet 2 Hack Basics

Let me say a few words about building. Dragons are always hungry and need a lot of food. It's worth taking card of additional supplies of fish, vegetables of fruits. In this land you can find special places where you can build various production or decorate structures. Adventure mode - hunt for treasures, collect resources and battle with enemies. SOme goes for dragon health, it's not regenerating after battle. When you find treasure chest you have to defeat all it's guardians to collect treasures. Let me explain you the basics of the arena. Take enemy life to defeat him. Enemies attack at short intervals.

Dragon Pet 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Pick your dragon, customize, take care. Dragons love treasures, explore other lands, battle enemies and find chests. Modify your territory. Run and collect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: no ads, coins, adult dragon, food, resources, exclusive outfit, treasure, clothes, armor, restore HP, upgrade, level up
3. find and unlock mystery paths leading to new abilities. Merge food in a cauldron, create meals and feed your tiny dragon to be best dragomon.

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