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EXP codes - use hack 67WPe9k6W
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4 tact point metal cards - HaMl7lPkg
s scout voucher - rJ1TLkuP2
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upgrade - Bq7qRq8lM
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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I feel strength welling up inside me! You're supposed to use it to direct monsters and dispatch the darkness? Try giving a monster a command. Tell the slime knight where you want him to move. Tap a blue space and move there. Next up, attacking! Tap an enemy unit and attack it. You've cleared chapter and unlocked scouting. Scout some powerful characters. With the 3000 gems you just obtained, you can scout ten allies at a time. 300 gold - this is your day 1 login bonus. Game launch celebration login bonus. You can spend gold to buy rank up materials.


S-rank monsters like the great dragon, archdemon, prism peacock and wight king may appear, as well as creatures like the slimecicle and striking sabrecat. Availability and SP scout content may change without notice. Character strengths shown in notices and the SP scout screen are based on their maximum level when non-awakened. Characters appearing in SP scouts all come at level 1 and are non-awakened. Scout stamp content and numbers may change without prior notice. If you draw a character you already have, it will be converted into awakening points. If a character learns all its awakening skills, you will earn an EXP codex or mindini medal each time you earn enough awakening points. The awakening points needed to learn all awakening skills or earn an EXP codes or mindini medal varies depending on the character. You will also earn an EXP codes or mindini medal on regular occasions even if the character hasn't learned all awakening skills.

Hint & Tips

1. Poison - you take damage at the end of every action. The damage gets worse when envenomated.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: EXP codes, mindini medal, awakening points, stamina, passport, 4 tact point metal cards, s scout voucher, premium gear, gems, gold
3. Abilities have different elements. Check the description to learn more. Some attacks let you bypass obstacles.

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