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Dragon and Sword Game story

The Darkness Power is coming, don't resist these low creatures. Behind us is our homeland, we never take step back. The Darkness Power forces were sealed, and the lions knights became a legend in this way, The peace has passed for 16 years. Recruit member need use shards, which can be obtained through summon member, black market, and gene institute mutant. You get a new hero after training. Hero skill have unlocked, come and upgrade hero skill! Click the "Character" button to enter the card interface. Choose the hero you already have. Upgrade the hero level first.

Dragon and Sword Hack Basics trucos

Attack: 1. There will be a red attackable mark on the enemy's foot if the enemy is nearby. You can click on the enemy to attack. 2. hero move will show a red grid by default. The red grid indicates the hero attackable range. You can click enemy on the red grid to attack. After moving, the Hero will get into Normal Attack status. Your Heroes can attack Red Zone. After attacking, Hero enter Standby status and foe's turn will begin.

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Each hero has a "spirit" skill that useful for combat and turn the tables. You can click the "spirit" button to see the useable range. Some spirits can affect yourself, Allies, and even enemies. Spirit has many effects, that can make a difference in battle. Elsa's Spirit can restore a target's HP. Skill and Spirit consume sp of Cards. After using Spirit, Hero can still attack/use a skill. Elsa's Skill will inflict [Frozen] status on enemy, making it unable to act. Some hero skills have a special BUFF effect. Once Buff hits can greately help to combat.

Dragon and Sword Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Mecah summon has been activated, come and collect more hero. Hero summon have a free summon chance every 24 hours. During the 7-day period, novices can get rich rewards by logging in every day. There are also a variety of daily tasks, complete the task to obtain a large number of role training materials. Upgrade to specifuc level can obtain new skill. First come to get the task reward, and then go to the next level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dragon and Sword cheat code - give: increase stats, SSR hero, activity, advanced summon x10, stars, crystal, awaken, omnishard, coins, diamonds, partner set, draw ticket.
3. For ranged skills, it is necessary to move to the appropriate location so that more enemies will be damaged. Determine the target of [AoE].
4. Terrain Attributes - Different map grid will affect hero's ht, dodge, PDEF, and LDEF. Eg grass grid can increase 10% hit and Decrease 10% dodge to all hero. So it's essential to choose the right position. According to the gain of the terrain, the grassland is beneficial to the hit. According to the topography of the gain, Elsa is water properties, standing in the water can enhance the combat effectiveness of her extra.

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