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gold - use rjBg5g9C4
off ads - lSCS3jWN6
secret combination - MdHOJCgxi
evolve - a1mMi9ZcU
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materials - gLPO1QLPE
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Dragon Village X hack starter package - gq7Am2PpP
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power stone - enter Xibilxkum
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soul fusion - zNtsoAddy
starter pack - LcrzflEgy
ticket draw - enter ecD4kF0tP
gift box - mBFOFebSs
summon x10 - m8uzfmUad
points - enter T9JhTkodj
golden egg - oKHDOpgM8
relic - i2EdfgZJj

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Dragon Village X Game story

Are you alright, my lord? You've jumped through time, so you must feel disoriented. As Amor prophesied, all the dragons have disappeared. Now, Fallen Spirits and monsters are destroying Yutakan. Before finding the vanished dragons, you must first take care of the Fallen Spirits. We still have Thunderbolt and Sola, so all is not lost. My lord, first defeat the monsters with Thunderbolt. Attack with Touch Screen. Tap the screen, and Thunderbolt will perform a powerful attack. Thunderbolt lost a lot of strength as well. If my lord becomes stronger, Thunderbolt's strength will slowly return! Reach Lord Lv.10 Increase your level! Press here to show Lord management window. You can now use Thunderbolt's ability, "Space Warp!" Use "Space Warp" to defeat the monster. (Tip! The lord can use Thunderbolt's ability.)

Dragon Village X Hack Basics trucos

While you were defeating the monster, I cleaned up the nest so that the dragons can rest. And I also found Gentle, who was hiding and sleeping. Add Gentle to Deck - Tap on "Edit Deck" in Dragon management window, and select Gentle. Press Save and Gentle will join the fight. Touch and Get Reward! Dragon Level-up - In Dragon management window, you can spend gold to level them up. Did you see the huge egg that I found in the nest? I was going to move it to a different location since it wasn't responsive...but it's gone. I think the egg is responding to your mana, my lord. Here, this bag should keep the egg safe! Put the egg in this, and defeat monsters so that the egg can absorb mana.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - CB6BHZ0pi
level up code - 0vSkJlI6z
daily pack Dragon Village X cheat - enter pass sTzxZdCdz
admin account - aIpiMJKhN
Month Card x1 - OAXZ74VI3
booster pack - blV5NaMZC
evolve - WafCcKqGK
enhance - PjIL3pqkg
Incubate Narsha's Egg - After selecting the egg from Narsha, press the Hatch button. Once you progress through the stage, the egg will hatch. Lololli - A dragon with eye-poppin' colors. At first glance, they might just look like a sweet lollipop, but one blow from their steel-like tail will definitely change your mind. Young dragon Hatch can become stronger through Enhancement Stones that contain the nature's energy. Ah, you have an Enhancement Stone with light energy. Then, you can enhance Sola, who is Light attribute. After selecting Sola in the dragon management window, you can try enhancing. Try enhancing other types of dragons. Different types require their own type of Enhancement Stones. The higher the dragon's level becomes, the stronger the enhancement gets as well. Defeat the monsters.

Dragon Village X Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. According to Amor's prophecy, the vanished dragons were sucked into the realm between time. We can use Time Stone to bring back the dragons little by little. All the dragons that were sucked into the realm between time turned back into eggs.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dragon Village X cheat code - give: gold, evolve, materials, starter pack, diamonds, premium egg, speed up, power stone, evolution stone, shards, soul fusion, ticket draw, summon x10, points, golden egg, relic
3. Press the Summoning Center to summon. The points stacks (excludes Ticket (Draw) through summon, and you can acquire a Golden Egg when the points are filled.
4. You can combine the fragmented souls through Soul Fusion. If you succeed at Soul Fusion, you can use even more powerful magic and abilities. You could also unlock new abilities.
5. Before summoning a relic, try selecting your desired relic first. You need more Tokens, but you have a 10% chance to obtain the relic that you want.
6. You can find relics through Elemental Dungeons, and also by using Sign of Champion. If you select 10 relics, you can obtain one of the selected relics. But you can't fill all 10 spaces with the same relic.

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Dragon Village X Redeem code - premium gift box 24.08.2021

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