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Game story

Your current objectives will appear on the top- right corner of the screen. Use the WASD keys to move around. Your walker will always face towards the mouse pointer. Now, build some houses for your workers and to increase flux income. Flux is the most basic element of your technology, you will need it for almost anything you do. Leave an empty tile between your city core and the houses. Stores the resource we call 'people'. Increases worker capacity, requires regular supply of food. You need to set up transportation to deliver food to the houses. Select the 'infrastructure' category in the build menu, then select 'rails' and click & drag rails from an empty tile next to the city core to an empty tile next to the houses. Note: rail carts can only travel in one direction. Make sure you drag and build the rails from the core to the houses and not the other way around.

Dream Engines Nomad Cities Hack Basics

Now you should prepare to leave the city. Equip some repair kits in case you take damage. CLick on one of the empty quickbar slots in the character area and then choose the item you wish to assign to that slot. When you encounter enemies, you can attack with the left mouse button (melee) or right mouse button (ranged). Resource node - collect bloodwood logs by hitting the larger nodes with your melee attack. Other than being inefficient and wasting resource, hacking at them also has the unfortunate side effect of attracting dream plagues (drep). Be prepared to protect yourself. You can later unlock automatic harvesters that are more efficient and do not provoke drep attacks. Construction and crafting can use resources directly from storage facilities (such as the city core) or from your inventory. Resources in transport or production facilities will not be used.

Hint & Tips

1.Threat level indicates how agitated the Dream plagues are. It will increase as long as your city is landed, and will reset once you take off. Higher threat levels increase the strength of Drep raids on your city (on top of the map difficulty rating)/ If the threat level reaches critical you should leave as fast as you can.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, workers, flux, power, decrease threat level, unlimited weight, speed up, unlock territory, premium equipment, skins, vip mech
3. Take-off - initiate a city-wide launch procedure. Engines will take a while to charge, be prepared to defend your city until take off. All buildings outside the city will remain behind.
4. You carrying power determines the maximum city weight you can have when taking off. Build or upgrade engines in order to increase the carrying power, or demolish buildings to reduce your city weight.
5. Landing locations with higher difficulty have larger resource deposits, and some resources like copper only appear on high enough levels.

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