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Game story

In a dream, you become a gladiator and use the most basic fighting skills to challenge the enemy. Enter a wonderful dream of playing cards with a friendly monster. Complete this stage to unlock the boss for this difficulty: the wild lord. Explore the map and fight the monsters. Color following: consecutively using cards of the same color will enhance the effects of some cards. Showing that 2 blue cards have been played consecutively. Playing storm attack at this time will deal extra damages of 2x4=8. You lose if both you and the enemy die in the battle.

Dreaming Dimension Hack Basics

Fear: gladiator inflicts fear when damages the enemies. The enemies discard 1 card when their fear reaches max and gain boosted fear resist. The fear you can inflict decreases as the enemies fear resist increases. Fear resist reduces by 1 per turn. Fear resistance will be reduced by 1 stack for each turn. Try to trigger the fear effect on the enemy at a critical moment. Green - the cost of the card. Orange - the damage by the card. Blue - the shield of the card. Info - more details about the card's additional effects are displayed here. Remember, you don't have to fight every enemy you see.

Hint & Tips

1.The synergy of cards and relics may lead you to victory. Make your own strategy according to various combinations of relics and cards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, legendary card, restore health, skin voucher, unlock characters, off ad, large pack, comet, starcore, universe pack, recharge
3. Each hero's initial critical rate is 0 and critical dmg is 200%.
4. Elements are the source of the power of elemental. Use them well.

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