Cheats hack Duel Light vs Darkness code:wings, gold, diamonds, increase attributes, honor, fashion, title, God treasure Duel Light vs Darkness Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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wings - use HB3eoB3RI
gold - ekODRbhGn
secret combination - oaHRGpcke
diamonds - 9pyGHBwgA
double rewards - IIYLAMIbh
increase attributes - r1XWCxMQf
off ad - wDy8J1mgM
honor - I3niBmvAp
speed up - HuNixIgkz
admin panel - Y45Wn5Xtm
fashion - Xcf9chibb
title - use HurCi4Cen
daily special offer - B31l6F5oc
God treasure - use VeT8ew4HX
weapon - 1ANumkm7p
mysterious treasure - QeeF1cpHw
free mining - use Z5gy8mUM5
equipment - T59vvOhDH
artifact - use PCivPokch
crystal - fN2ICGz0V

Duel Light vs Darkness use cheats
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Game story

The evil forces wake up, the creation god exhaust the power to seal the evil forces, turn into dark coats...Rocky, not recognized by the father and brother, out of jealousy and desire, stealing dark coasts of arms to release evil forces, dark gods coming to the mainland, will be chaotic with killing brings the world. The evil spirits wake up, the dark power envelopes the entire continent, and only by finding all the sacred coats of equip containing the power of the gods can we save this chaotic world. Parga shrouded in darkness, horrible things happen, dark. Hades Sacrificing countless creatures, trying to pull a soul back to the world.

Duel Light vs Darkness Hack Basics trucos

How to play this game? Mission + dungeon + hang up + play Boss! Wild Boss can only kill 3 per day, reasonable arrangements are very important! The character level reaches 50 level can be added to guild, challenge the boss with the companion! Washing equipment can add more attribute to the equipment, greatly improving the character's CP! Forging enhancement equipment can improve the attributes of the equipment. The sacred can greatly enhance the character's attributes. After the role is transferred to, you can wear more advanced equipment.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - QMOtuVA8p
level up - osLanIdBo
daily pack - enter pass HuYjTuHys
admin account - GT6OZYGcH
Month Card x1 - CXFwUkSD5
booster pack - DzCliua6o
evolve - zSi4lnTsw
enhance - tZjGvdzHK
Skills: Prison vortex - condensed Hell's inflammation rolls up the whirlwind of the flame, causing 240% additional 340 points physical damage. Quake - summon the ancient Thor to destroy everything, causing 250% additional 340 points physical damage. Blade of the soul - kill the enemy's soul with the power of the blade, causing 90% additional 410 points physical damage. Thunderstorm - summon a thunderstorm attack from the sky, causing 100% additional 410 points of magic damage.

Duel Light vs Darkness Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Give the useless equipment to the illusion of the gods, you cna improve the illusion level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: wings, gold, diamonds, increase attributes, honor, fashion, title, God treasure, mysterious treasure, free mining, equipment, weapon, artifact, crystal
3. Wing can get a lot of attribute bonus, you can also wear cool wings.
4. Cultivate the advanced mount to improve the mount attribute which has a lot of influence on the output [1] of the damage during the battle of your character. After activating the mount, click on the mount avatar on the left side of the screen to quickly ride and ride!

Duel Light vs Darkness Hack tools Version:


Duel Light vs Darkness Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. GpmJecD5yj55DDQ
2. dPL67fgYcW72LcT
3. qjdZrDDHcGYkUB1
4. KEWXqM0Fhpm0HLz
6. UP1YJi32Ok4vHq7
7. yx8EyZQNY5vQWcn
8. jxK0XgPqgx91Kp9
9. KB5MvEl5uhr1WdT
10. Du2JBV6lCbMSB5Q
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