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Game story

There is something special about this dungeon. You can only move straight until the end of the line, and the monsters are not hostile to you. Every room here is a delicately designed puzzle, and the one who designed them was long gone. Rumor has it, that the treasure of the dungeon is kept at the deepest end, in the last room. No one has been there before. And now, you, and adventurer, is here to take on the challenge, to claim the treasure. Swipe to move the character. Tap the item in the hotbar to switch equipment.

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Swipe to attack the monster. The door of exit will open when all monsters are destroyed. If you are stuck in a room and you know there's no way out. Tap to restart. You as a commander should adapt to certain weathers or terrains. Next, we'll look at the combat interface. here, you'll see which turn you're at. Note that each stage has a limit for its number of turns. Here, you'll see the win conditions. You may also view win conditions before a battle starts so you can make a strategy accordingly.

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The skills you can use in battle change with the weapon you have equipped. Your stats like your ATK and DEF change as well. Next, equip weapons as support equipment. You can't use skills with weapons set as support equipment, but 20% of their stats get applied. Slide along the bottom of the screen to freely move within the zone. Tap the quest symbol and progress in the quest.

Dungeon and Puzzles Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. About jobs - the roles of each job in battle differ. Change to the job of your choice from equip>job. Job mage - a class that excels at handling magic staves. They quickly gather power, unleashing powerful magic attacks.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dungeon and Puzzles cheat code - give: initial, awaken, outfit, gold, merit, title, skills, pets, diamonds, extra resources, mounts, souls, honor, supreme material pack
3. In the rescue mission, you can reset all character status and stage progress manually.
4. You can communicate with other players by chatting or emoting using the communication button.
5. Temporary effects can stack if their groups are different.

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