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Dungeon Farmer Game story

Touch the arrows to move. You found a tained nest. Touch to remove! Touch the imported seeds to plant plants! I see a suspicious seed. Will you investigate? Investigate abandoned boxes to obtain useful items. Let's see the power of seeds. Quickly touch the mushroom! Found a nesting nest. Move with arrows. Try to imported items! Cleanse the forest by removing all the tained nests. Your first expedition was successful! You will receive rewards. What are those monsters? I thought there were no demons in the territory. Pollution has progressed so far. The owner is looking for the reason why monsters have been appearing frequently lately. Once we've passed the valley safely, let's go.

Dungeon Farmer Hack Basics trucos

It's just a short walk away. After starting the scooter and passing through the forest, you will see a large space. This is the farm. But where have you all gone? It difinitely smells. The smell of the master's organic magic fertilizer...First, will you plant me there. It's been in the pot for a long time and I'm not feeling well. Wait. Who lived there...I can't remember. Let's put it away first. The owner only raised children who could communicate well. There is something under the pile of stones. Will you take a look? Found a new plant. Will you grow rapidly with 'rapid growth'? This time rapid growth is possible for free. Do you want to grow rapidly?

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Try using the "harvest" function by touching the icon on the plant. To run a farm, you need a management office first...Find and restore the broken farm management station. Repairs are now available for free. You need fuel to go on an adventure. Repair a broken organic fuel generator nearby and use it. Plants can be replaced with Transplantation. The replaced plant is stored as a seed in the bag. Plants planted on the farm can be grown and harvested, and can participate in battles. Seeds tranferred to the bag cannot be entered into battle. Experience and skills are retained. The former farmer was conducting research on preventing contamonation of the estate with the power of the newly discovered seeds. He said the last thing he heard was that he was going to search for a source of pollution that started outside of the territory.

Dungeon Farmer Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Please check the mission log. Now you know what your farm needs. Go on and adventure and kill the monsters around the farm. Sometimes new seeds are discovered.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dungeon Farmer cheat code - give: trade item, buildings, decoration, expand, resources, investment point IP, speed up, lucky coin, slots, star energy, hear point, gems, gold, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Demons are hounting the Entrance of the forest territory. Please purify the territory so that the trade union merchants can pass safely.
4. The five elements of fire, water, earth, and light and darkness affect monsters. Choose a plant with a favorable aptitude and go into battle.

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