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Game story

Greetings adventurer! Welcome to our village! Yes, you heard right: you will indeed be our new and only - adventurer. What does it mean, you ask? Well...Recently, portals have appeared in the villages around here. Turns out, they lead to dungeons full of monsters. They only allow one passage every so often, or so it seems. The ones we sent in to scout barely made it back alive. Since our neighbouring villages all started making profit out of these dungeons, we deiced to give it a shot too. Which brings us to you, our adventurer! Your job is to hunt those monsters. What do you get out of it? But of course, the unique chance to show your ability off! It'll make for a good CV afterwards. Jokes aside, we are currently too poor to pay you directly. I instructed everyone to help you out the way they can, and should the monsters drop any particular resource or equipment, those will be yours to take.

Dungeon Masters Hack Basics

We'll also help you get out of the dungeons should you become unconscious, and will treat your wounds. Pick a starting class from the three above. The warrior - is a master of martial combat who never compromises his defense. The rogue is a fighter who relies an agility and cleverness to hit first and hard. The mage is a spell caster capable of bending reality to harm or heal. I'll show your way around a little, and leave it to each of the villagers to help you out. First, what you see here is the dungeon portal, which you can use to access the dungeons. It just happens to be in the very middle of the village, so make sure to check out the neighbouring areas later. Some areas lead to others, that you can see faintly in the distance. Proceeding in a direction, you'll get to those too. The portal shows the current destination's name, but there are more we can set.

Hint & Tips

1. Each dungeon has up to 8 floors for you to explore. I instructed the dungeon keeper to only let you challenge a floor if you have completed the previous floor of the same dungeon once. After you use a floor's portal, you will have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: shard pack, gold, gems, credits, artifact, rune, increase damage, talents, skill points, multiplayer mode, arena, evolve
3. How do you defeat the monster? Both you and your enemy are full health right now. To defeat your enemies, hit them until they can no longer fight. Of course, they will try to do the same to you, through, so pay attention to your condition as well. Each dungeon is comprised of some rooms filled with monsters, and a last room with the boss.
4. Thrust - it deals medium physical damage. The weapon infuses the element. Thrust - is your first skill. Normally skills have limited usages, but the first skill can be used anytime. Skills level up and become stronger over time. Some skills will have new effects, others increased usages. The more you use a skill, the more you'll become proficient at it. It is said that a skill can reach a maximum level of 5.
5. There are two types of skills, physical and magical. A magical skill will be based on your magic, while a physical skill will be based on your attack value.

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