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Dungeon Survival 2 Game story

Nice to meet you, dear lord. Knight Commander Lerov is also visiting us today. Would you like to visit the Hall of Heroes? Several days ago, City of Valhalla - Hero Hall. A young person was talking to an elderly knight in golder armor. If you guys aren't sure how to get out of the city, I think you should try tapping the Explore button on the gate. Tap the icon to select a Dungeon. Please tap to select a level. Tap the Challenge button to start exploring the Dugeon! The base damage multiplier for Crit is 200%, and some set bonuses are able to increase it.

Dungeon Survival 2 Hack Basics trucos

Don't be in a hurry to start the quest! A newcomer's first quest can be problematic! Let me show you the basics of how it works. Don't mive at will, or you'll get nowhere. On my command! Use the control buttons in the lower left to move. Inside Forbidden Forest, two members of the mercenary regiment on duty are eagerly looking for their target. If you need to adjust the positions, tap the Transpose button below. Tap in the order of the character that needs to be transposed. Than tap on another character that needs to be transposed. Remember to tap the Cancel button when the transpose is complete!

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Deep inside Forbidden Forest, a female wearing an eye mask is standing by the side of a secluded road alone. She seems frightened. A fierce battle seems to have just happened in the open space not far behind her. All kinds of armors, weapons, branches and leaves are scattered on the ground. It's quite a mess. Tap the Skills icon in the lower right corner and use your skills to destroy them all! Tap and hold a character to view their skills, attributes and current form. Try it out! In battle we can use Energy to unleash lord skills. Try tapping the Target Selection skill. Let's try releasing a skill next. By selecting a monster, we'll be able to drop the default target and choose a more important one!

Dungeon Survival 2 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Energy is restored at the begginning of each turn, equal to the number of heroes present x10. Picked up a weapon. Tap the hero's avatar to view and equip it. Tap the Equipment option > Tap the equipment icon to view information > Tap the Equip button to put it on!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Dungeon Survival 2 cheat code - give: explore, equipment, skill, unlimited energy, gold coins, gems, shield, legendary characters, premium weapon, auto clicker, artifact.
3. Uses the gun's indicator light to expose the enemy's weaknesses. Increases the enemy's damage taken by 25% for 3 turns.
4. Penetrating Shot - Shoots an extremely penetrating armor-piercing round that has a chance of penetrating enemies and deling penetration damage. Deals 36 impact damage and deals an extra 150% damage to enemies behind target.
Heavy Slash - Enemy front row target Focuses the full strength on the arm and slashes the enemy with all the might. Deals 66 impact damage and passivate the target, reducing penetration by 15% for 3 turns.
Divine Armor - Stimulate the power of faith and build a solid, indestructible wall for yourself. Becomes invulnerable for 2 turns, while reducing your damage dealt by 90% within the duration.
5. Superior Perception - The blind Sofia is extremely perspective, and at the same time cares more about the life and death of her friends than anything else. When applying ashield to a friendly unit, additionally reduces its damage taken by 10% for 2 turns.
Discipline - Launches the power of Holy Light to impact the enemy. Deals 25 Spiritual damage and applies 1 stack of Pious to yourself, stacking up to 6 times for 3 turns
Holy Shield - Invokes the power of Holy Light to create a shield for friendly units. The Shield can absorb up to 50 damage for 4 turns, and meanwhile applies 2 stacks of Pious to yourself, stacking up to 6 times for 3 turns
Carol of Hope - Sings a song of hope and greately upits friendly units. Reduces the cooldown of all friendly units' skills by 1 turn, reduces the Energy consumption by 50% for the next 1 turns and increases the Spiritual damage dealt by 75%
God's Blessing - Fully inspires the power of the Holy Light to bless friendly troops and provide them with superior protection. Drains all stacks of Pious and enhances the Shields of allies, increasing the damage absorbtion of existing Shields by 0%. The enhancement increases by 350% with each stack of.
5. The skill level of the hero affects the skill effect coefficient. Raising the skill level as high as possible is an effective way to increase your hero's strength. In a Dungeon, you may encounter enemies that are difficult to deal with, and that's when escaping is a good option.

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