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gems - use 25KXUCSFV
restore HP - OOb3HcGx0
unlock heroes - uk2rWk8Lb
off ads - DFuJtQMxe
double rewards - BC7eJNJT9
diamonds - BH9hKt7Sd
vip status - ELxPyUcai
double privilege - MDcM6ydq7
increase attack speed - 83ttOEPup
damage x200% - o97uJTNR0
admin panel - iq8BQvgcl
shield - cOBMErBWk
rune - ZVR4yoBQE
exclusive pack - LRoJIS24L
artifact - N1zb9NgSs
evolve - D5eOzyNl2
materials - R2EztvwQr
weapons - vmP38FEac
equipment - j234q2G6c

DUNSTOP use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Nice to meet you! New adventurers are always welcome! You can move by swiping the screen! Let's try moving in a different way. You can move by tapping the arrow below. You can always switch the control scheme at any time in the settings. Oh, there is a monster to be your practice dummy. Basic attack is automatically used when you move toward the monster. Tap ability button to use a powerful skill. Skills are powerful, but keep it mind that they have a cooldown. Top bar - here you can see the HP of your current character. Go show them who's the boss! I will be waiting for you to return. A trap - if you trigger it, you will lose some HP. There are many different types of traps and each has unique properties. I will make you overcome the trap this time. But you have to be careful next time. You will sometimes find a hideout like this in your adventure. There will be many dfferent altars or rewards, so don't miss them. You can use an altar by moving to the bright spot.

DUNSTOP Hack Basics trucos

It's going to be your bery first adventure. Hit the road. If you get out of the door, a ghostly cloud will chase you in a stunning speed. You're as good as dead if you stop moving in a dungeon. Run as far as you can. You can see the results at the end of a game. Let's go back to the home screen. The game start screen can be accessed though the button below. Now, i will show you how to make your characters stronger. Select a unit. If you select a character, you can check the detailed information about the hero.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ojUdMCK7R
level up - ZqNYfeosJ
daily pack - enter pass QLRV1xLvg
admin account - x2PImKFyW
Month Card x1 - Pk1sZnOkD
booster pack - yRtk8pGIc
evolve - r5MmZtVtE
enhance - Xhen9pPx5
Don't forget that you can upgrade your soldier in this way. Click the button below and your adventure will begin in earnest. Remember, watch out for traps and monsters! Improve your skills to eliminate monsters in one shot. Mission menu - here, you can get a wide variety of rewards based on your progression with missions. Complete missions everyday and get your reward. You can accumulate reward points for bonus rewards. Bonus rewards include special reward such as increasing your HP, so don't miss the chance to get them.

DUNSTOP Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. ANgel's blessings: reduce the speed of ghostly mist bu 30% for the next section. Reduce skill cooldown by 40%.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, unlock heroes, restore HP, shield, vip status, double rewards, off ad, diamonds, rune, artifact, evolve, materials, weapons, equipment
3. If you turn into a chicken by a curse, you briefly lose control of your character.
4. Push the key in a certain direction to free yourself from Thorny Vine.
5. Use the cannon at the starting point to cover a long distance in a short time.

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