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Billionaire Dwarf Game story

Welcome! The contest is beginning in a moment. Take your seat! There are 1 to 9 numbered normal, golden ores, along with 2 special ores - joker and oracle. So, the competition proceeds with total of 20 ores. Craft your weapon with randomly received ores, fight against the other dwarves, and take your victory by taking them down to 0 HP. Maybe, a picture will paint a thousand words. Why don't you come over and try out?

Billionaire Dwarf Hack Basics trucos

The one who crafted the most powerful weapon takes the victory for the round. However, the competition only lets you know of the first ore so you will have to guess and cross your fingers for the second and 3rd ores of others. Well, you got a good one with your first ore, let's count that in. Go ahead and craft the most powerful weapon. Craft a weapon with 2 same numbers to get a powerful one.

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Make sum of 10 with 2 golden ores. You may get a special weapon. Take 3 and 7, and craft the hamer of destruction - gains 30 attack damage of other players craft one of perfect hammer or King's hammer. Tap this icon whenever you want to check them out.Remember, you cannot always get the best of best every time. If necessary, forfeiting for a round and turtling in might help. It consumes the shields as the amount of ores in had. So be strategic for using them. You only have 5 shields, so use them with tactics.

Billionaire Dwarf Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let me tell you about the special ores. Joker - it turns into a powerful weapon upon crafting with a golden ore. Oracle - it can sneak peek at other's ores. Other players can see the oracle as well.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Billionaire Dwarf cheat code - give: joker, golden ore, shield, oracle, restore HP, gold, rune, artifact, treasure chest, shards, vip status, battle pass, promote, premium weapon
3. The special ores usually have 0 damage, but you can craft a strong weapon upon achieving certain conditions.
4. Winning in battles and collecting more golds define your skill. Your entire fortune will be charged as the entry fee for the apocalypse.

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