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Dynasty Legend Final Warrior use cheats
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Game story

Zhang Jiao captured our homecity when we were out to fight, making our people suffer. Most of his men barracked just outside the homecity. Don't worry, hero. The government sent us here to fight the yellow turban. We will take the homecity back for you. Thanks for your hospitality. But we still have things to do, i believe you will live up to your people's expectation and make a difference in the time of chaos. You revealed your skill in the battle with Zang Jiao, earning the admiration of many brave heroes. You can recruit them in the general Platform. We need to expand our numbers quickly.

Dynasty Legend Final Warrior Hack Basics

The common people built some basic infrastructure here to revitalize our homecity. You may come and inspect it when you have time. The palace is the heart of your town. Upgrade it to unlock new buildings, help them develop and much more. The palace level determines the maximum level of other buildings. You can reduce the building up grade time for free. The higher your VIP level, the longer the time reduce. We'd better build a warehouse to store resources and protect them from plunder. Infantry barracks - a heavily fortified camp where the lord can train the heavily armored infantry.

Hint & Tips

1. You can activate bonds when you have corresponding heroes.
2. Do tasks according to the tutorial to gain power quickly.
3. Drag to switch slots quickly. Bring attributes penalty upon enemies to press the advantage.
4. Use cheat code, and give: stamina, resource, advance pill, star soul, instant march, general order, SSR general, general jade, gold, classic advance order
5. There are many new recruits in the city, they have urgent need of training. But violence is not the only way to win a campaign. Researching tech will strengthen our armies.


Combat capability is everything to generals. Give is practice materials and advance pills to make us stronger.
Connections matter in this world. Take this chance to make more friends. They will help you make strategies and reward you with stamina. The best part of having friends is that you can send stamina to each other.
Force can bring a more immediate result, but you also need to handle internal affairs for the long term. It is impossible to develop with out resources. Upgrade resources related tech first.
It costs corresponding generals shards to activate a meridian.

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