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Dysmantle hack cheat code List

999x resources - use hack naI7H8JYv
credits - enter pass nXGFbiHNq
starter pack - r0s2CfNBW
unlock map - mWejW45H0
booster pack - 7GGe4E2Tf
supply boxes - xX2ClyQaL
Month Card x1 - AsNjBJzNI
upgrade - dA4JTbuMV
daily gift bag x10 - NVpQilCHH
secret combination code - 07RM0r8xZ
premium equipment - J43077iRm
pet - gvsn2Ptsi
credits - FnocMmaUW
level up - 5T96kP8SK
multiplayer mode - NMTejRYR6
recipes - OeMro3Bbp
unlimited backpack - zPb82X1vI
weekly box - E1p8I20dB

Dysmantle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This is an automated recording sent form K23, the crown station. Everyone will be provided a safe transit as soon as possible. We all do what we must just to survive...just to exit. When our society started to collapse, i was prepared. My underground shelter was filled with food and supplies. But that was years ago. Nothing's left now. I've no idea what awaits me at the surface, but i can't stay here. All i know is that there's supposed to be an evacuation site to the east. I need to get there. I need to escape this wretched island.

Dysmantle Hack Basics

Press left mouse button to strike and destroy objects. Upgrade the crowbar tool and break through the obstacles. Hold down LMB to strike a power attack when locked to a melee target. You have leveled up! Return to campfire and invent a new recipe that will help you in your journey. Camping restores your health and replenishes uses for equipped items. However, it appears to fo the same for most of the monsters as well. The crafted items is a trinket. It has special effects when equipped to a trinket slot. Craft more trinkets to open more slots.

Hint & Tips

1. The gate is sealed until nearby threats are removed.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: 999x resources, credits, unlock map, premium equipment, pet, skins, starter pack, level up, multiplayer mode, recipes
3. This world seems dangerous. To survive you need to further equip yourself. Some basic equipment is needed to even have a chance of survival. The crafted item has limited number uses. The uses are automatically replenished when you rest at a campfire.
4. Find cooking recipes and craft a cooking pot to start cooking.
5. Backpack - carries materials and items. Upgrading increases material carry capacity.

Dysmantle Hack tools Version:


Dysmantle Redeem gift code

1. eG78pQ36ysWZLCV
2. ocLcwshFsqrz5qy
3. FF3eHV5KrHDLrH3
4. fTnMzvAeocrpvKf
5. 4WQxGtweunenHbt
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