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Dystopia Contest of Heroes hack cheat code List

gems - use hack t1OIaztqY
daily pack - enter pass 8MWZpYcrk
speed up - NGSgDEZ4S
resources - uKffw7GTb
booster pack - abVlowdxV
elite lootboxes - 846FU8GIJ
Month Card x1 - TWdbJOe1f
upgrade - NMtokXE7Z
daily gift bag x10 - RIa3QSgwj
secret combination code - VyH0vVvga
gunsmith pack - 2w115IvIZ
research pack - FTG54a6r5
epic material - gY3vgUMXW
weekly box - 2jEoWPmF4
vip 15 - m4ImxAMI0
legendary commander - x208B7bxW
level up - Ae4gm8hRY
activate premium - jV4kld5Y6
perks - 1cbHCJy5E

Dystopia Contest of Heroes use cheats
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Game story

Welcome to the city of opportunity! I'm taking you on a journey that'll test your mettle. To see if you got the heart of a warrior or a spine of a slug. With enough effort you'll become the ruler of New York, a master tactician and above all, a real hero. Here's where your path begins - in a ruined city, ran buy a little ugly rat, waiting for a proper hero to come and whoop its ass. Enough small talk! Some of your mates are ready to fight for you, so make sure you back em up. Push battle button and get into action.

Dystopia Contest of Heroes Hack Basics

With every building destroy you get some juicy ability points. Send in your big guy Bjorn. With enough points he can show some mind blowing moves. Don't sleep on it like a lass on a lap. We've got enough points. Well, you trashed this place to shit. But nothing that can't be solved with a wee bit of fixing. Life's about improving and getting better anyway. Just throw in some cash and a builder bot, and the core will be good as new. Smart work pays best. Every time you upgrade the core, you get access to new buildings. But to build anything you need more resources. Luckily for you, and very unfortunately for them, there's an enemy outpost nearby. Let's see what riches they're eager to share with us. First rule though - never go into battle unprepared. Bjorn's got no weapon to his name. Give this man some respectable tools to do his job.

Hint & Tips

1. There's no fight if there's no fighter. Build a soldier lab so you can get some goons behind you. When you're short on time, use gems to finish the recruitment in a snap.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, resources, speed up, elite lootboxes, gunsmith pack, research pack, epic material, vip 15, legendary commander, activate premium, perks
3. Loot boxes hold handy equipment for your heroes, You can find all of them in your inventory.
4. Cash is better protected when in a vault than at the cash producers.
5. Do not forget to collect resources from resource producers.

Dystopia Contest of Heroes Hack tools Version:


Dystopia Contest of Heroes Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 8LzvJcZi6t5i4gI
2. NOc5RSqF7J7rnER
3. vlVFo07JCO9p5ZF
4. rkEb13hvDD6Q9Zz
5. PyAmDF2aNdP0ihR
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