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Elf Guardian Game story

Welcome to the world of pokemons. Here mankind and units coexist and thrive. Pokemon - the most important companion for mankind. Those who train and command them in battles are known as trainers. Every trainer starts by owning a pokemon. Tomorrow, you'll be header for evergreen town research institute and get your first unit. As for now...The chosen one, please forgive us for dragging you into the rift between dreams. The nightmare is encroach upon reality. Bound by the dream, there's nothing we can do. For the future of Pokemons and mankind, please save this world.

Elf Guardian Hack Basics trucos

After defeating specific waves of minions, you'll be battle against a boss. You've earned a new piece of gear. It'll boost your power, equip it now. You can power up efficiently by upgrading your gear - enhance them. Auto enhancing offers a convenient way to upgrade your gear. You've learned a trainer ability. Show the Pokemons what you've made of. Tap on system to unlock it. Note that some skills cost mana or have a cooldown before you can use them again.

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daily pack - enter pass fOxLJgiBd
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Month Card x1 - dkeSo7GiM
booster pack - z0KhTNhS0
evolve - eyZB6c8cl
enhance - ULN3KvG5P
Some skills are targeted and requires you to manually aim where to use the skill. Click somewhere in the world to use the skill on that location. Clicking on the skill again cancels the pending cast. When dealing or taking damage, the damage type is indicated by the color of the floating damage numbers: physical, fire, cold, lightning and poison. You can also see the damage type by the color of the attack animation. You can drink a health potion when your character's health is gettin low.

Elf Guardian Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your health will regenerate over time for a few seconds or until you reach maximum health. Note that potions also have a cooldown, so use them when you really need to.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Elf Guardian cheat code - give: ability, equipment, gold coins, increase stats, activity, summoning pack, gems, z crystal, pokedex, elevate, revive, lucky rush
3. You're now half way to the end of the level. You can see your progress on the bar down below. At the end pf the level there's a stronger monster waiting for you.
4. If you want to return to town and manage your items, skills or just escape if things get tough, you can use the town portal. It will spawn a portal that you can click to enter. Note, the portal will only hold for a few seconds, so enter it quickly.

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