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Elf Kingdom Idle SLG hack cheat code List

beginner pack - use hack J2RwmOUsY
Food - enter pass UNTpfaX1N
material - Vvi9bwJVY
mana - l5Ga1LysE
booster pack - osjbZgdgy
supply boxes - eMuOiHBu6
Month Card x1 - yEPBNJGH2
upgrade - pz0ItFPjf
daily gift bag x10 - c3JpluPha
secret combination code - oRz7TcsBA
warrior - tudaa4pPf
technology points - 4p63SfKEs
auto clicker - MmmEMpXNi
game speed x10 - 3e537BJO9
unlock world map - 3llESspwB
golden box - ef8iofZIQ
weekly box - Ih7RZtBy5

Elf Kingdom Idle SLG use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Your highness! We have landed on the eastern beaches of the kingdom! But the kingdom has been covered in an ominous mist. According to the ranger's scouting reports, the road to the royal capital, Dalayna, has been occupied by monsters of an unknown origin. In order to get to the royal capital, we need to liberate the territory to build farms and lumber yards to get resources.

Elf Kingdom Idle SLG Hack Basics

We can get resources more efficiency and faster, if we have advanced buildings such as windmills to process primary resources. In the meantime, recruit the surviving elves and train them to fight for you by buildings such as lancer's hall! We can also travel back in time through the Urd's golden box. With our accumulated experience and wisdom, we are able to enhance and research more elven technology.

Hint & Tips

1. Build a farm to produce food. Click the "upgrade" button to upgrade the building.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Food, material, mana, warrior, technology points, auto clicker, unlock world map, golden box, game speed x10.
3. Farm - it became an indispensable source of food like fruits in Elven kingdom. Farm, windmill can be built on grassland. Through the Lancer's hall, you cna train elves to use the blessed lance. because it is easy to get started, they can quickly get into battle.
4. Use the Urd's golden box to time backtrack: you'll lose all your current territories and buildings, but all your technology level will be retained. Depending on the quantity of your territories to get more technology points. DIfferent maps will affect the bonus of technology points.

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Elf Kingdom Idle SLG Redeem gift code

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