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Ellrland Tales Game story

"Ellr" means sibling of elves and human beings. In a forest on this continent, there lives a happy family consisting of 3 members, among whom 8-year-old Nicole is regarded by her father Elon as a jewel of the greatest value. One day, when Elon returned home after hunting outside, he found his daughter missing. Since then, there had been not happy laughter or cheerful voices in his family anymore as before. Elon tracked the traces left by the invaders and finally found there were footprints of demons extending to the depth of the jungle nearby. Even though the demons deep in the jungle are rather terrifying, he starts his jorney to look for her daughter without hesitation.

Ellrland Tales Hack Basics trucos

Here you are, finally. Get ready to start off the journey. Tap it. Let's srart your first chapter! Now that you are new, let's pick the easy mode. Then choose a class. Your deck is different for each class. Let's start it. Provisions - Start from your next turn, you gain 2 extra MP each turn, last for 3 turns. Use map of your journey. Tap the icon on the left side to view more details. In the store, you are able to buy, upgrade and remove card. The sparkling spots on the map are available for you to explore. Try it now! View the remaining cards in your deck here.

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There are explanations of key words on the left side Here are your Movement Points. It cost MP to play a card. Your MP will be reset each turn. Here are cards on your hand. Hold the bottom of a card to check the detail of the card. End turn - Tap here when you want to end your turn. View the quantity of cards you have played or discarded here. No worry. Cards in the discard pile will be recycled when you use up your deck. Each point can offset a little damage for a round. Be careful of their actions. When passing by a market, you see a large crowd. It seems the masses are playing a guessing game Here are two cups. An awesome item is inside one of them. Once you make a correct choice, you can take it away. Trust me, it's definitely ultra rare. Just make a choice.

Ellrland Tales Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Now, there are many enemies in front of you. You have a initial target, right here. Tap to switch. You have weakened the enemy. The debuff is displayed above under its HP bar. Press to view details. Tha stacks of an effect is displayed at the bottom right of its icon. When the number is large, the effect is stronger An effect's duration is displayed at the top left of its icon. When it becomes 0, the effect disappeares. When a target repeatedly gains the same effect, the duration will be reset and the stacks will be increased.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Ellrland Tales cheat code - give: gem, card pack, fragments, diamonds, provisions, resources, legendary card, artifact, pet, free mysterious shop, gold coins, advance pack.
3. Each level of the target is weak, and the damage caused by this target is reduced a little. Each time this card is played, the limit will be reduced by 1 point. When the limit is reduced to 0, the card will be removed from the deck before the end of the battle.
4. Draw and hold a Card Pack for a while to open multiple card packs at once.
5. You could restore HP, upgrade a card or restore pet's energy near a Bonfire. You may trigger random events, bonfire, chests, store, or monsters in unknown incidents. You may encounter elite monsters here.
6. Diamonds can be used to purchase items in game. Each Card Pack contains 5 cards, including a rare card at least.

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