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legendary hero - use FxNrtiYgU
gold - ZEqurN4nJ
secret combination - lsAGVlIJA
gems - ouIckn2kD
double rewards - EX8V7xSXk
premium unit - p1FcU88FR
arena mode - 5PhJRlEUP
survival stage - JlxovyOBh
beginner pack - fIeRrOi95
admin panel - ffwO43jxM
vip status - OuBBAJIXn
evolve - use NJUmOHlLW
materials - hRQdszi5A

Empire Defender TD use cheats
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Game story

Huntsman - in the alsace region are recruited and trained by Claudius as a basic defense force, capable of striking enemies that can fly and on the ground. Militia - the initial force of the resistance army, has basic training and can block the enemy's path. Protector - the souls of the ancient protectors are sealed in magical stones. When summoned they will transform into giant stone warriors attacking enemies on the ground. Potential wizard - trainee of Endia wizards. Their spells are very effective against enemies with heavy armor. Legendary protector - the powerful tower can sweep and control the enemies on a large area.

Empire Defender TD Hack Basics trucos

Heroes: Commander of Alscane Claudius - is nephew of king Jave and the lord of Alsace. His father was died in Crescent island by conspiracy of the king. he vowed to destroy the king for revenge. Skills: Vanguard Breaker - hero's normal attacks can deal area damage equal to 60% of his basic damage to nearby enemies. Valiant heart - reduces 60% of the physical damage character takes. Protector - create a protective shield that can absorb up to 100 damage, and increases physical armor by 25% for himself and nearby allies.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 12JwjI8UJ
level up - VPMmi79ce
daily pack - enter pass bptLgXz68
admin account - WNStmBr9i
Month Card x1 - EGt5WeYz9
booster pack - vl5kBbuml
evolve - Rcag6aiCR
enhance - VXhvCB6PZ
Guard of Yggdrasil Arya - is young sister and the guardian of Yggdrasil. She wandered across loria looking for her sister. When Jave was planning to invade Yggdrasil, she has teamed up with Claudius to fight the king. Skills: rapid arrow - Arya's basic attacks have a 40% chance of rapidly firing 6 arrow, dealing 100% her physical damage per arrow. Reinforced sight - increases 20% of Arya's range. Burst arrow - aimed for an enemy at a distance that equal to 2 times her range. She fires an arrow that deals 110% area damage to the target and surrounding enemies.

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1. Your goal in this game is to build your own plan to safeguard your throne and eradicate invaders, bringing peace back to your realm.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary hero, gold, gems, premium unit, arena mode, survival stage, beginner pack, vip status, evolve, materials
3. Not only does this catch the most enticing characteristics of a TD game, but it also has many new features that keep you playing for hours!

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