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increase stats - use aqDWsB4YE
off ads - xDjf3LjNM
secret combination - WSTEkvlkc
gold - TEDA2frdd
double rewards - dtfKGxus6
blue crystal - EKtIlLjWh
fragments - tbmZqAIQm
legendary equipment - 8k11gPZSp
Endless Blade starter package - zJTGhS36H
admin panel - uHyE9T1fi
weapon - LG0zXv6HT
armor - use cMR5bbnIf
forge - SAvB0nr7j
upgrade materials - FyKpFOuvn
skill points - WMaNDgmee
summon token - use ZhcEwLc54
novice gift - crpMrRKII
limited package - fsRYgEzdG
recast stone - WuUKw5cQZ

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Endless Blade Game story

You must find your unawakened destiny, and lead mankind, you are last one...An inexplicable voice brought me here. What has happened? Doesn't matter anymore. Now the most important thing is to stay alive.... By chance, I knew about the Silvermoon city. It is the last home of mankind. I need to go there. And next, l'm going to leave a legacy behind...
Warriors are melee attackers and defenders with twin dagger welding in the hands. Experts of swordsman, use their pocket ninja blades to shield themselves. Make an automatic follow up attack once if you defense works. A best choice of attacker and defender. You must learn how to battle as soon as possible! Click "Challenge Boss". Click "Fight" and we must destroy the enchanted monster as soon as possible.

Endless Blade Hack Basics trucos

Tap to attack the monster. After making one attack, keep and keen observation on the Halo around the button, when the Halo shrink into the size of the button, press the button again to make combo strikes. The bar above the monster's Attack Bar, when the Attack Bar is fully charged, the monster will launch Attack. Tap shield to launch Defend.

enter cheat (Endless Blade gift codes):
upgrade trucos - VSCEMyiLS
level up - xQiG55e3s
daily pack - enter pass RSmmkeWBC
admin account - mQCO3D2la
Month Card x1 - Am4md4xLG
booster pack - mHcRtnyAE
evolve - ufoQ0EC2L
enhance - 714mnIoK0
Wonderful! Your combat experience has improved. You can learn new skills now, click the "Yellow" button to learn. Click on the skill icon to learn new skills! Continue to challenge Boss and use your new skills! When the monster's attack is just about to hit upon you, tap skill to activate PerfectBlock. When the motion bar turns into a Red Bar, the monster's next strike will be a Spike Attack, slide right to dodge!

Endless Blade Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Collect the corresponding number to synthesize the corresponding rare level equipment. Collect 10 Rare equipment fragments, you can summon a random 1 grade Rare.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Endless Blade cheat code - give: auto merge, game speed x10, gems, gold coins, energy, manager, premium buildings, unlock slot, booster pack, treasure chest
3. You can choose to control and challenge the stage after clearing it, or you can choose to Auto Loot here. Repeat manual challenges to monsters and you can get extra rewards. Click to claim, you can get the hang up income, up to 24 hours of hang up income can be saved.
4. The Rapid Looting is ready. Use to get a offline booting loot of 2 hours immediately! Whether to use the mysterious power to immediately get 120 minutes Booting Loot. The first Rapid Looting of everyday is free!
Knock the monster into pivotal hour and tap the appointed buttons above to release powerful one strike kill.

Hack tools Version:


Endless Blade Redeem code - premium gift box 13.06.2021

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