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Endless Galaxy War Game story

The unknown signal has ended, and his source is being identified...Lt. Colonel, the other party's identification result is: Blackbeard Reavers. Our ship has arrived on the battlefield and is ready to attack. This band of Reavers has so many fleets, but none of them match up! When you're ready, tap Deployment Complete to let our ship attack the enemy. Tap on the ship number to switch to the Engared to command it. All Super Missiles hit! The naxt battlefield is yours! Congratulations, Commander, we've successfully destroyed the enemy and obtained victory! As long as we're alive, the Federation will be. The Capital Space Station is only a symbol of the Federation. Even if it is destroyed, it can rebuilt. Now, I'm ordering the garrison armada and supporting troops to withdraw from the balltefield.
After the Pegasus galaxy was captured, Reavers launched attacks on various galaxies. We've succeeded in breaking away from the Fixed Star's gravity, and the signal from the Pegasus Galaxy is not longer detected. Cheer up, Commander! Reavers can appear whenever they want!

Endless Galaxy War Hack Basics trucos

The detailed information of the Space Station is being extracted, and the current status of the Space Station has been scanned. Bad news, Commander. When the Space Station proceeded to jump, most of the functional modules were lost in the subspace due to the explosion of the Capital Space Station. Polis is an advanced Celestial City. Building a Resource Port allows us to provide the necessary resources on a regular basis. Open the Construction List to view and build them. Build a new Resource Port for Polis and collect Silica. Tap on the bubble to collect Silica. You find it too troublesome to obtain raw ores? You can purchase them directly at the Auction House.

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Commander, we've got enough resources to upgrade the Bridge. Upgrading the Bridge level can unlock even more tech. Tap Go to follow the guide and quickly locate the Bridge. Open the Bridge main panel. Upgrading can increase a Space Station level and unlock even more features. Tap Free to complete the upgrade. We've complete out first few Construction projects. Go and claim your rewards! The Naval Research Institute uncovered some crucial information from the data that Polis provided. Come check it out ASAP! Follow the instructions to quickly head to the Naval Research Institute. We've obtained a Ship Report from the data Polis gave us. Conduct an Advanced Research to further analyze the information. Congrats, Commander, we've successfully obtained the blueprints for the next-generation of ship: Typhoon from this information! Tap Return to leave the Naval Research Institute. Follow the instructions to quickly head to the Shipyard.

Endless Galaxy War Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A Shipyard is an important building for a Space Station because it can construct all kinds of ship and expand our armada!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Endless Galaxy War cheat code - give: achievements, premium ship, materials, crystals, speed up, energy shield, research, gold, resources, crates, promote, legendary weapon, components, gift bag
3. The Typhoon is a Shieldship that possesses the most efficient Shield Activator, which emits a robust energy shield that can absorb damage. Tap the Typhoon to build.
4. You need to be patient when constructing ships, but you can use Speed-Up Items to quickly complete construction.
5. The new generation of ships is equipped with a Shield Activation Device, which can be charged using Energy Crystals to create a shield that can absorb damage. The more Energy Crystals the ship loads, the stronger the shield the ship can maintain.
6. Storage Warehouse - The capacity of the resources that can be stored. It can prevent some of your resources from being plundered.
7. Permission is currently turned on:
1. You can locate the ccordinates of the two parties participating in the battle.
2. View the marching armada targeting me.
3. Number of the four types of resources in the player's Space Station.
4. View the arrival time of the marching Armada targeting me.
5. Check the number and level of Defense Buildings.
6. View the Rally targeting me.
7. View the number of enemy Space Station Armadas and the number of stored crystals that are not equipped on ships.
8. View the Rally targeting me and the Rally participants.
9. View the number of Reinforcement Armadas.

8. The remaining time of the second construction queue is insufficient. Extend the queue time? Constructing this building will take a long time. You can use Speed-up items.
9. Reavers are strong, it is recommended to add crystals or upgrade your ship.
10. Go to the Naval Research Institute to analyze the report and get rewards.
11. Achievements - Tap Go to follow the guide and quickly locate your Construction List.

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