Cheats hack Endless Journey code:gear, elite tier heroes, summon x10, crystal, relic, gold, dodge 100% Endless Journey Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Endless Journey hack cheat code List

gear - use hack 9mh2rWZSm
daily pack - enter pass MWTDqnzOh
secret combination - 7GVs2R9CE
elite tier heroes - qAsP79RRY
booster pack - MeUK0ALp7
summon x10 - qNdqOtKM4
Month Card x1 - QeMoUjTGe
level up - v6rEgz19H
battle pass - qGXRR29c2
crystal - cgKgmCS3O
daily gift bag x10 - DNlpmfspB
upgrade - kwTmJn9Ee
relic - 0vynVbXve
gold - JhfKGTXkh
dodge 100% - lf9OqsRch
materials - NCjPCTDX1

Endless Journey use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Click "challenge the leader" to destroy the demons attacking the outpost and rescue the beleaguered compatriots. So many demons! There must be a gap in the wall of sighs. Click hawker to enter the battle. Click on the avatar, let me enter the battle, absolutely can not pass this group of chop suey! Click 'fight' and we'll do it fast. Hawke is full of energy, click on his card head to release the killer 'whirwind', give the demons some color to see. The damned demons occupy the passage to the wall of sighs and must be destroyed at once. The rescued fellow named Clara was also attacked by demons. Tap on her avatar, let's fight together. Clara's killer 'conflagrate' can attack all enemies in front of her. Move her to battle position in the middle of the back row.

Endless Journey Hack Basics

The devil has invaded, we must hurry to the wall of sighs to close the breach, and send these demons home! There are more and more demons. We must get rid of them as soon as possible. Looks like we've met a tough opponent this time. When 3 heroes of the same race and 2 heroes of another race are on the battlefield together, all friendly troops receive a powerful bonus to their attributes. Holy - when it comes to formations, demigod heroes cna be considered as heroes of any race other than demons. Vamp - demons cannot activate formations. However, the number of demons in the team will have a corresponding effect on the additional buff received by all friendly troops.

Hint & Tips

1.Shelter of sacred - every 10 seconds, lower the holy light to heal the weakest allies 40% of their lives lost.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gear, elite tier heroes, summon x10, crystal, relic, gold, dodge 100%
3. Secret silver Moon - revitalises allied heroes, allowing them to receive heals over time if their energy is above 50%.

Endless Journey Hack tools Version:


Endless Journey Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Up27Jwyn44PAOcX
2. 0QfVpUkLNXqwYDk
3. RKBQw0zVR4MvTqy
4. Ch721z1Yuj0aahc
5. Sy3vN1ouz3XCMwt
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