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manpower - use hack TevHHmPLQ
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food - XqRPBx9Xk
Month Card x1 - jupSykb8c
shield - 5cQDY9XML
daily gift bag x10 - PdUinI6P7
industry - NU4SRFPRJ
dust - dGO4PFNil
sience - rYrONgenZ
influence - Z9VC6mi5T
diplomacy - Dqb1bO3MD
exclusive general - FobKknqJJ
upgrade - KAWCZxP8t
level up - hYufgTlJJ

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Game story

Hi! Tell us our duty, your imperial majesty. It is a time of great peace and prosperity for the empire. Usurpers have been vanquished, disagreements resolved, wars ended. The empire is truly united. Now is the time for your great nation to forge a path to the stars, to bring your great civilization to other worlds, to impress upon any other races you discover that your way is the best way. Affinity - Emperor's will: the voice of the emperor is a powerful thing. Use influence to buy technologies, constructions, and items on the marketplace. Generate influence for each construction. Your empire now has access to dark glitter. You can use it to upgrade your systems in the economy screen. Population overview - shows information about the populations of your system, their bonuses and their traits.

Endless Space 2 Hack Basics

Resources: food production increases population; industry is used to build improvements and ships on this system; dust is transferred to your empire, and can be used in many ways such as buying things, playing heroes, or interacting with other empires. Science is used by the empire to research new technologies. Influence increases influence zones around the system, and is the currency for diplomacy. Manpower is used to populate your ships and ground troops. Star systems dedicate a fraction of their growth to contribute to the empire wide manpower, which is then dispatched as ship crew or system defense troops. The star system defense represents the ability of the system to repel ground invasions. The empire manpower gradually restores this value, while enemy sieges and ground battle losses reduce it.

Hint & Tips

1. A temperate world offers conditions that are comfortable for the majority of species in the galaxy. On these planets, a broad range of activities can usually flourish. Cold worlds offer harsh but stable environments where strict discipline and careful deliberation are the keys to survival. Perhaps this is why science tends to prosper. Hot worlds, with their sweltering surfaces and furnace like interiors, assist in the flow of heavier elements from the core to the crust. As a result industry thrives.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, manpower, premium ships, shield, food, industry, dust, sience, influence, diplomacy, exclusive general
3. Fertile - rich with life of many varieties, fertile planets offer plenty of sustenance. Dust reserves, however, are generally low as the biosphere has distributed any concentrated pockets into trace amounts across the entire world. Sterile - life may be relatively rare on sterile planets, but the absence of organisms means that these worlds are largely untouched by the sands of time. As a result unexploited Dust veins are abundant, making these planets rich in Dust.

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