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Game story

I will teach you the basic of how to become a knight. The knights will travel to a variety of locations and must carry out various tasks. However, you can't go into a mission with bare hands. Please take weapon and try it on, it's an item distributed to you by the Order. Potion can help you accelerate the moving speed during the combat, let me tell you how to use it. If holding quick slot keys, auto use will be activate. Touch the quick slot to register item. If you use the instant movement you can travel quickly.

EOS RED Hack Basics trucos

Classes: warrior - who uses inborn strength and health to stand ont he front line. Trusts on their own weapon and strength, takes a head on confrontation under any circumstances, and is good at close combat. Archer - is one who can freely control arrows. They can remotely shoot fatal arrow to kill the enemies, is the expert of distant combat. Paladin - a class that can use physical and magic attacks simultaneously, and uses a shield and blunt weapon. It is her specialty to rush to the enemy line with courage and break the opponent's line.

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Sorceress - she is a wizard who handles various magic with her natural magic. Burns enemies with powerful flames and heals allies. Uses magic power to fight. Rogue - an assassin who has high evade ability and high attack ability, and often attacks enemies in the dark. The main weapon is the double wield, the assassin is good at using specially close combat skill to suddenly strike enemies.

EOS RED Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Stats: STR - attack and defense of warrior increase. VIT - stat that adds to maximum HP, HP regen and HP potion recovery. DEX - increases archer ATK and evade. INT - increases sorceress ATK and M.atk. WIS - increase M.def, ma MP and MP regen ability.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter EOS RED cheat code - give: Supreme pet draw, launch package, gold box, diamonds, lucky soulstone, pendant, earrings, bracelet, summon scroll, premium weapon, armor, slot expansion
3. Beating monsters and get the treasure, you can only get equip by fighting, striking it rich in one night. If you worry about the transaction fee, there is also a new one-to-one free trading system.

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