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Epic Conquest 2 hack cheat code List

enhance - use hack xNybwrOck
daily pack - enter pass cTMN3TJiA
gold - Hx9ZXXbOC
rare equipment - SzYZFz4yJ
booster pack - 4dmF6mIp8
ruby - qjaItyHN8
Month Card x1 - I2Mg3qB9a
restore health - u5esqWpVM
daily gift bag x10 - JH3pyti4M
secret combination code - HBq6bUBlL
premium pass - OEqovuuPX
costume box - Q7WKxtGWj
starter pack - VdfFU5yAj
upgrade - cL9mjICuS
level up - zu7uW1DwE
no ads - eJesBKOED
ecnite - xSy2y777Q
essence - FZffs8z2b
wings - txq6lrcIE
mount - QKshwUNGT
pet - xQlaVKuAA

Epic Conquest 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Basic controls: basic attack - press this command continuously to perform combo. Basic attacks regenerate MP when the hits connect. Evasion - completely nullifies incoming attack for a short time. Invincibility frames - using most skills renders you invincible for a short time (i-frames on each skill varies). Learn to time it right to dodge anything while dealing a strong attack. Perfect Evasion - activates upon successful evasion at a perfect timing. For a short duration, grants super armor state and doubles MP gain from basic attacks.

Epic Conquest 2 Hack Basics

Combat: armored enemy - some characters are protected by armor, indicated by white gauge below their HP. Armored enemies receive less damage and have permanent super armor. Breaking the armor - keep attacking to break the armor gauge. Once the armor is broken, they will receive normal damage and stunned for a short duration. The hint button (?) will sometimes be useful to tell you where to go. And opening world map viewer will give you the idea where the next event takes place. You can also fast travel using the world map viewer. Touching the checkpoint orb will register its location to the world map.

Hint & Tips

1. The higher an equipment enhancement level is, the higher additional option it can get from appraising. You can enhance equipments up to +3 (common), +6 (uncommon), and +9(rare).
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: enhance, rare equipment, ruby, gold, premium pass, costume box, starter pack, no ads, ecnite, essence, wings, mount, pet
3. In a bossfight, focus on breaking its shield to create an opening. Taking down the minions first is essential to win a bossfight.
4. While protected by shield (white HP bar), enemies only take half the damage.
5. Most skills have invincibility frame to avoid any attacks. Choose masteries wisely. You can't have all masteries maxed.
6. Premium pass - support the developer and permanently unlock these benefits: characters gain 30% more experience; greatly increase item drop rates; receive extra loot from the golden chests (no ads); daily reward increased by 30%.

Epic Conquest 2 Hack tools Version:


Epic Conquest 2 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. B5ZEMYUL4Cjke17
2. 7rI2mzXgB5dlrYK
3. KyqRZWFNQWDmmfn
4. LIfVuTzFnIyO930
5. NwsApohbACqLEuv
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