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evolution stone - use 0mX0hmGTQ
off ads - tFLkRnUz2
secret combination - otFHSeMZp
return point - gw7RkBw4n
double rewards - lNMq4jeIU
gold coins - EXlpXtonw
exchange - 7v4INHAJj
auto merge - 7SwtJZSbp
starter package - U3uhz6lDb
admin panel - k0uZWHWOE
game speed x10 - qBeZ8rha0
gems - use AjeW70TQo
vip 10 - zDpmAzPP4
speed up - 49pVaYffz
epic pass - GfWH3Azg3

Epic Merge Heroes use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh no! The world tree that protects us is suddenly full of dark energy. Unknown beings are corrupting the world tree. Right now, there is one hero that's trying to stop it, but i think it needs help. Summon other heroes so that the world tree doesn't become corrupted. First, tap the card slot at the center of the bottom of the screen. Draw hero - click the card icon in the card slot at the bottom to draw a hero. You can continue to summon heroes by tapping the card slot. Place the newly summoned hero into battle.

Epic Merge Heroes Hack Basics trucos

You can place the hero in battle by tapping it. The hero that's fighting looks like it's struggling. Let's withdraw the hero from battle and let it take a break. Ugh@ it seems like the corruption is getting worse. Let's summon a higher level hero. Merging the powers of heroes of the same tier will summon a hero of a higher tier. Keep tapping the card slot to summon heroes and try merging them.

enter cheat (Epic Merge Heroes gift codes):
upgrade trucos - O8nOQnPuO
level up - ulEugkhAU
daily pack - enter pass SilthdonE
admin account - FCE6lt4lS
Month Card x1 - soxQkhQ3Z
booster pack - E4E2tAvu2
evolve - GVGwdYM6P
enhance - 6S94ng5H7
The corruption is getting worse. It's getting harder to summon higher - tier heroes. You can summon heroes faster by using the accelerator. By merging tier 9 heroes, there is a certain chance you will get a "shiny tier 10" hero. For tier 10, there are normal and shiny tier 10s. If you merge tier 10 heroes, you can summon a special hero that has transcended their limits. You can send special heroes on expeditions.

Epic Merge Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. All special cards can be evolved to the highest grade. Merge time combo is maintained for 2 seconds.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Epic Merge Heroes cheat code - give: evolution stone, gold, return point, exchange, auto merge, game speed x10, vip 10, epic pass, gems
3. When the fever effect is activated, you can acquire an unlimited number of heroes for a certain period of time.
4. You can check the album page for album effects. You can exchange unused heroes for new heroes.
5. As you progress through the stage, there will be a point where you can no longer proceed forward. But there is no need to panic. In that case, it's good to return and brace up for battle form the beginning.
6. When you return, you can get evolution stones for each area. You need to meet certain conditions to open each area, so check them thoroughly.

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