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Epic Raft Fighting Zombie Shark use cheats
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Game story

How did i end up here? It doesn't matter at the moment. Now the main thing is to survive, i'll figure out the rest later. Look! What's that floating by the raft? Let's try to catch that floating plank with a hook. Hook? How did i get this? We did it! Come on one more time! But now let's do it differently. It's a little crowded here. Let's expand the raft. Right now we have the resources to build just this hull. Find a suitable place to instal it. Tap cell on the grin to place construction. To move construction, tap cell on the grid or drag construction to the desired place. All that remains is to confirm the construction and the job is done! Let's build another one for symmetry. I think that's enough for now. We need to save resources. Now it's the time to put something useful on the raft. Perhaps here we will find everything we need to survive. Well.. almost everything.

Epic Raft Fighting Zombie Shark Hack Basics

For example, a workbench. It will help make the materials required to produce all sorts of things. And where does so much junk come from? It doesn't matter, the main thing came in handy. Let's see how the workbench works. The rope - that will come in handy. There are still enough materials - you can safely create. Collect the required ingredients and press the craft button to start production. But everything takes time. This time, let's skip the boring wait for free. You need to take care of your health. Eat and quench your thirst on time. Look, new task comes in handy. A rain catcher is useful for replenishing the water supply. Tasks menu - here you'll find a more detailed description of your current task. Show - you can also click this button to get even more information. Now you just need to collect some resources from the ocean and start building. Move your character towards floating resources using the controller and use the hook.

Epic Raft Fighting Zombie Shark Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Watch out! A shark is attacking the raft. If you don't drive the shark away in time, it will destroy part of the raft. Tap the attack button or the shark itself. Automatic harpoon - protect the raft from sharks. Automatically charged when there are arrows in storage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: level up, resources, coins, speed up, parts, pockets, off ad, energy, skins, treasure chest, pet, auto clicker, game speed x10
3. We need to get to the islands - the parts we need might be there. complete the following tasks, they will help you build a navigation table. Then we will have access to the map.
4. Icon means that if you die on the island, you can return and pick up your lost inventory.
5. Search chests and other objects on the islands to find something useful.

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