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Epic Sword Quest hack cheat code List

premium equipment - use hack 6Gf1OMBVX
daily pack - enter pass z5ah3T5iK
secret combination - Ordy7RkqR
diamonds - lAonyqmLw
booster pack - Z31Vof6Gm
fellow cards - sKikZegab
Month Card x1 - gyFGRO4Qj
level up - TLwQ4kVE0
gold - nI1OnBvxp
gems - RDt1zVE7z
daily gift bag x10 - S5owFgd3Y
materials - 4hRQlp8Ky
promoted - guPyuKL3Q
playpoint - FWynzqm0A
upgrade - qNSIvfLHa
ticket - ENSI0IlMn
legendary weapon - XsFLoY6LR
off ad - 28yVbEHPR

Epic Sword Quest use cheats
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Game story

Welcome to hero agency. You said you want to make some money and gear up? Then you've come to the right place, the best place to earn some stacks, legally! Since you are a licensed hero, making money will be a lot easier compared to others. It will be hard for you to travel alone, so here are some fellows. Actually these two were waiting on a hero like you to come along. Because to hunt a monster legally, a person with a hero license needs to lead the group. Now since the team is made, hunt some monsters and earn some cash.

Epic Sword Quest Hack Basics

Default attack will proceed automatically. Skills will be used when touching the skill button with sufficient mana. 3 buttons from the left are character skills. 2 buttons from the right are fellow skills. While attacking, the counter button will be activated with a constant chance. Touch to counterattack the monster. Touch to consume materials and golds to enhance your gear. Compound 5 units to summon a powerful gear. Anything you get from adventures will help you somehow. Enhance your current skills with rewards that you acquired from previous adventure. If all slots are powered up, you can be promoted.

Hint & Tips

1.If you combine same equipment, it will turn into higher grade equipment.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: diamonds, fellow cards, gold, gems, materials, promoted, playpoint, ticket, legendary weapon, premium equipment, off ad
3. Fellows - there are explanations of skills and you cna also find out the increase in stats when you gear up.

Epic Sword Quest Hack tools Version:


Epic Sword Quest Redeem code - premium gift box

1. U9Wo02JD5668bgy
2. atlP6ksTO6Sdo5l
3. 5KVDQ0uZgnFTh5X
4. qAalE6rpo0anvqy
5. D3iMdqxHUiW45kD
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