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Epic War Thrones hack cheat code List

copper - use hack Gx5f6HrCH
daily pack - enter pass P3Q5yq4Ez
recruits - D2tqX4FST
increase emperor rank - ZiaNz5qEA
booster pack - 36SdpRBK3
speed up - ZtaXSFxsh
Month Card x1 - ktso1pT6U
resource - iVMvhe0Uv
daily gift bag x10 - sxecZvgzQ
generals - XtIZ9F6vf
skill points - Pss74AgM8
upgrade - Z5zRXveTX
level up - 8WTk6lyjN
secret combinations - GL2Fw7n7A
beads - JuXVkKFKm
march token - 1VFns4IfR

Epic War Thrones use cheats
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Game story

Build largely and aspire to the country. Troubled by corrupt officials and consort kins, the Han empire having reigned for hundreds of years was on the verge of collapsing. In 189 AD, Emperor Ling of Han died. Riots and slaughter swept across Lyoyang, and eventually the whole country. In august, Dong Zhuo invaded the capital and took over the government. Officials and nobles who fought back were all massacred. If you are to recruit Generals in Bead card pool, 25 consecutive recruits can grant at least one major. Generals attack opposite targets first if possible. Defeat the enemy commander to win. Formation: square, crane wing, aroowhead - tap here to switch formations and view effects.

Epic War Thrones Hack Basics

The enemy's mainstay has retreat. But several territories are still being occupied. Should return to city and replenish troops before you reclaim the territories. Legion return can heal the wounded immediately. The way i think, low level territories have weak garrisons. Let's start with them. You may tap to view territory level. Green area is the attackable range. Be sure to put lord with ideal defense in the front to protect ranged generals in the rear. Level up generals to carry more troops. Putting the commander in the back row can effectively guard lord. Occupying Grid can upgrade generals to carry more troops. Grants more resource yield with land level. By occupying land, the legion will enter Recuperation, after which it can attack again. View report to learn about battle details. The continuous expedition has caused a great loss to the legion is great. Please soon return back to recover the wounded and replenish the force. Your family has been in charge of this place for genefood. If you want to achieve greater success, you need to found a government and attract talents.

Hint & Tips

1. Adjusting the formation and general positions in formation can make the legion obtain different combat effects.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: copper, recruits, resource, speed up, generals, skill points, beads, march token
3. In game battle time os 90 seconds. Within 90 seconds, the side with commander killed first will be judged as failure.
4. The order of troop affinity is: cavalry > infantry > spearman > cavalry, archer are suppressed by all other arms.
5. Palace is the hub of territory. Upgrade palace to increase legion's general value limit, to raise the legion's max march token. Barracks - upgrade to increase the number of legions under command.

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