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Equestriad World Tour use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You can change your control setup in the settings menu. Use the reins to control your direction. Looks like you're ready to start your first event. Equestriad challengers - complete for prizes. Grand prix - complete in dressage, cross country & show jumping around the world. Exhibition - freeplay single events. During events you'll be facing off against other competitors. You'll be able to see who the competitors are and start the event when you are ready.

Equestriad World Tour Hack Basics

After an event you'll want to give your character a feed and a clean. Caring for your pet increases your bond and improves their overall performance in events. Care will give your unit a small stat boost for a limited time. Training increases your unit's potential stat. Horse care boosts your horse's condition. Training takes time to complete, but you can spend golden horseshoes to speed this up. Raising your character's temper prevents bond points from being earned.

Hint & Tips

1. Speed up to get moving and down to slow to a stop. The speed meter will show what speed you need to reach to make your next move. Time your approach and hit the action button to execute your move. Your stamina will drop while off track.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: golden horseshoes, reputation points, horse XP, grand opening bundle, rider pack, season pass, speed up, stamina, increase bond level.
3. Be sure to stay on track for maximum speed and points. Use the same controls and try to land the perfect jump. It's all about timing and position, stay in the middle of the track and hit action when the time is right
4. Horse: Here you can see the unit's starting qualities: speed, acceleration, endurance, agility. Carroll - this horse loves to roll around in the grass all day without a care in the world. SPD: 24, Acceleration: 15, endurance: 3, AGL: 8. Inspecting normally costs horseshoes but we'll let you inspect for free.

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