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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Dear adventurer, welcome to this Wonder Land. Let's get acquainted with this world now! Let's start with the altar summon, where powerful heroes can be summoned. Mystic summon can summon heroes of 3 to 5 star rarity and it requires on summon scroll. Passing through this dimensional gate would get us to the battle area. Let' go fight together. Before the battle begins, we need to set up the participating heroes. First, choose your heroes for battle. Now that we're all set, let's start the first battle.

Era of Hero Hack Basics trucos

Heroes have their own factions, and there are restraints between the opposing factions. Faction restraint to cause additional 0,3 dmg increase 0,15 accuracy. Heroes will gain energy while attacking or being injured, and will release skills when the energy is full. In addition to summoning, you can also fuse your heroes. You can summon the hero when you reach the specified number of hero shards, just tap on the hero's avatar. Next, let's learn about how to raise a hero.

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upgrade trucos - nOYGh8kzA
level up - uMUPMtzdS
daily pack - enter pass mX4J0NTlG
admin account - utAhOlN8t
Month Card x1 - cUUaRzFf7
booster pack - NYRqLvw1q
evolve - FdNoxZ4q9
enhance - VtdAzivFs
Heroes can be dismantled into soul stones, which are important materials for shop purchases. Select the hero you're about to dismantle. Once the hero has enough EXP, tap here to upgrade the hero. The upgraded heroes are getting more and more powerful. Tap on the weapon icon to equip the weapon. AFK harvest - here you can see the hourly hand-up gain of important resources, the higher the level progress the greater the gain.

Era of Hero Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Heroes in the front row would take damage first, and those in the back row can deal more damage. Drag the model of the engaging hero to swap the hero's position.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Era of Hero cheat code - give: friendship points, mystic summon x10, gold, shards, equipment, crystals, artifact, set effect, diamonds, promotion stone, magic scroll, prophecy orb
3. The faction aura will be activated when 5 heroes are deployed. The more heroes you have in the same faction, the higher the faction bonus you enjoy. For every 1 unit of the following camp in your party, you will receive a bonus to your party's

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