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trophies - sEDinzazX
title - d3gdQpCFC
materials - DNn5SS4zE
resources - use hack WYSBaTglM
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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

When you swipe left or right, a character will move towards the direction of the swipe. Combat takes a turn based system. Tap a target you want to attack. Touch a treasure chest to open and see what's inside. Each active skill has its own cool down, but you can instantly cast it by using some MP. MP is energy that fills up each time you use a basic skill. Once you use a powerful skill, you have to wait for the skill to cool down, but using MP allows you to re-use skills despite their cool-down status. The number of MP consumed depends on the skill's remaining cool down.If used in the right situation, it can help turn the tides. Are you looking for reliable companions to share your adventures with? In that case, try to summon heroes. Normally, you'd need pellets to summon heroes, but i arranged it for you to do it for free once a day.

Eroica Hack Basics

If the summoned hero is already in your possession, the hero will be exchanged for one of 3 types of hero. Select summon offers you 30 times to re-summon. Once you confirm the summon result, you will no longer summon. At least one 2 star hero or SR pre core is guaranteed. You can try as much as you'd like until you find a companion you like. And it's for free! Isn't that amazing? When using select summon, you can obtain the valuable pre-cores besides new heroes. Just like equipment, pre-cores can be equipped by heroes and can create a huge synergy with the hero depending on their uses.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - RNJ4tw4r2
level up - Z6GyG6ijh
daily pack - enter pass GGMOfsDQb
admin account - gtdaC21Cz
Month Card x1 - wlmOZXsiR
booster pack - ajSrJiECR
One thing to consider is that after the final 30th summoning, you won't be able to use select summon any more. Never forget this. Let's add a new companion into the team roster. Press the hero button in the lobby to view various menu options for heroes. You can organize companions for battle in the team formation menu. You can team up with 4 heroes. You will receive additional buffs based on the hero position. You are in a rush to get to the next destination, you say? In that case, press the adventure button to go to the world map.

Eroica Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When you summon heroes you already own, they will be exchanged for hero passport. Passive SP can be earned once your heroes get ascended to 4 or 5 stars.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, stamina, pellets, platinum passport, pick up ticket, trophies, materials, rune, gems
3. Once you engrave all runs, you can raise the rune level.
4. You can give crews a gift with a one per day limit.
5. You can gain an additional team effect based on the team position. Epic equipment has four main options.

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