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Eternal Ember Game story

Drag the Crusador onto the field an help the girl. Wait for the battle to end. Send heroes back to camp. Return to camp. Let me teach you how to travel across the continent using arcane power. Portals are easy to use...Just stand in the empty space next to it. Lead the hero to the magic circle. There are no available Heroes in the camp? Unlock the map to recruit more Heroes. Then, go to world map. Tap on the fog to explore the new area.

A new adventure begins. Congratulations on starting the new campaign. This is an open-world game where you can explore uncharted territories and challenge powerful monsters. The game is currently in the Beta version, but we look forward to seeing you when we officially launch the game soon.

Eternal Ember Hack Basics trucos

Crusadors are devout believers. Their firm beliefs allow them to stand unwavering on the cruelest battlefields. Skills: Heaven's Blessing (Passive skill) - Unwavering belief allows Crusadres to gain extra HP and Armor. Unassailable (Passive skill) - When the Crusador's HP is higher than 60%, they take reduced damage. Apostle - The crusador usus the power of the Light to deal Bonus Damage to demon units. Great Cleve - The Crusador swings his broadsword with all his might, dealing 50% cleave damage with every attack. This skill is automatically activated after all basic skills reach max level.

enter cheat (Eternal Ember gift codes):
upgrade trucos - TIfsBNvqC
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daily pack - enter pass wIPsxIZqR
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Month Card x1 - kL5TQE3Ia
booster pack - aO0vEv7Zh
evolve - VWxFUF8QO
enhance - a4yc6mahD
Ranger: Reinforsed Bow - A powerful Bow greatly increases damage dealt by arrows. Rangers deal Bonus True Damage with every attack.
Priest: Divine favor - The Light empowers friendly units near the Priest. Blinding Light - The Priest's Light weakens nearby enemies. Arcane Nourishment - Friendly units close to the Priest regen Energy every 2 seconds.

Eternal Ember Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Heroes in the strength class can wear heavy gear and receive bonus Attack for each attribute point invested in Strength. They are the guardians of the team.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Eternal Ember cheat code - give: skill book, gold, legendary equipment, arcane dust, enchant, increase attributes, free shop, potions, artifact, speed up, increase attack speed, gems
3. Your Heroes will find work while you are offline. It's safe but only gives a small bonus based on hero level.
4. Arena - Some people like to come here in their spare tima to have fun and make some extra money.
5. Your Heroes will find work while you are offline. It's safe but only gives a small bonus based on hero level.
6. Equip potions for your Heroes. Minor healing potion Effective and affordable treatment for wounds and injuries. Instantly restores 80 HP (CD 3s). Using potions is the main way for Heroes to regain HP in battle.

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