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Game story

The monster inhabitants, Creo, have grown alongside man in this world. Early Creo were used for farming, hunting, sports, and even pets. Those that could link to, and control the actions of their Creo were called Evokers. When the Creo wars encompassed the continent in the early history of man, Evokers from every region fought for control, through they were few in number. The war lasted for several decades and took countless lives. When it subsided, the tension between the regions was still high. To control the aggression and prevent an outbreak from occurring again, the regions agreed to hold a tournament of games that would be played with Evokers and their Creo. Thus, the sport of Evocreo was born.

EvoCreo Pocket Monster RPG Hack Basics

Rebas is a powerful Creo that dominates the battlefield. Furen is a balanced unit that can tackle any situation with ease. Both intelligent and agile, Deor can be difficult to take down. You can find creo like Deor, Rebas, and Furen at some of the other farms around Zenith. Your strength should come from your Creo, and theirs from you. I'm sorry i cannot join you on your journey, but i will help you whenever and however i can.On your journey, see if you can find other farmers in the world. They may be able to help you along your way.

Hint & Tips

1. Visit the shop on the upper right corner of the screen. There are some helpful items that cna help you on your journey.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: link, key, ascension stone, oak log, Prime Gemma, support cube, master package, credits, legendary creo.
3. You'll need your CREO at full strength if you want to succeed. You can your pet can get injured if you don't have the experience to fight higher level evocreo battles. Ascensio stone - use this to raise a pet's level by one.

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