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Evolution Race hack cheat code List

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Evolution Race use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Instructions: tap on the screen to jump. Double tap on the screen to have a double jump. Tap or slide to the other side of the screen to switch paths. Slide down the screen to swipe or defeat your enemy. Collect all of these gems, so you can evolve and buy cool stuff. Dna represents your life, it also unlocks secrets power-ups. Now, what are we supposed to do with this guy. We're supposed to evolve him.

Evolution Race Hack Basics

You have to go and collect all these beautiful stones. The more stones you have the more the bar will actually grow. And when the bars actually full you actually evolve..

Hint & Tips

1. Use cheat code, and give: cells, unlock items, premium wings, unlimited lives, fly mode, free gameplay, full version, unlock era

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Hack Release Date: 7 November 2020
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