Cheats hack ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe code:legendary pack, zonar, relics, frontier, obsidian, resources, science points ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe hack cheat code List

legendary pack - use hack 4f5CQS1ST
daily pack - enter pass TPr9YuLud
zonar - i8SiKtbtm
legendary card - EL2yLQwmb
booster pack - vXGR4J3yA
relics - ql6jIBQEh
Month Card x1 - U8dmbbfsq
frontier - P93CMZuDv
daily gift bag x10 - rwkOSXNDw
obsidian - rJ522QQRO
resources - jVz7KDBkb
science points - u3hhIfTde
upgrade - eu5VTvDdf
level up - OVGdF2AQ1
rank up - MJet7P4dQ
cash - XVXh440gl
game speed x10 - AqTYupq2P

ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Captain, we have arrived to exoplanet X1-00-B1. This planet looks promising! Let's see if we can find some valuable elements. Time to start mining. There's a few resource deposits nearby, start by purchasing the highlighted one. Looks like this resource deposit has plenty of copper ore. We're starting to mine it slowly, and our ship is transporting the ore back. Let's start upgrading the mining or shipping capabilities. I'll leave that up to you. Now tap the mothership so we can sell the resources we just gathered. Sell the copper ore you gathered. Select the ore, adjust the slider to the amount you wish to sell, then tap on sell. Excellent, now we can upgrade the mine and ship further.

ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe Hack Basics

We should start looking into research, tap the research button on the bottom to take a look. Your ships will automatically prioritize the highest value ore if there isn't enough cargo to hold them all. Use: Mining boost - 20% faster mining rate for all resource deposits for 1 hour. Deposit overdrive - pick a resource deposit to give x10 mining rate, ship speed and cargo for 5 hours. Increase idle time - temporarily add 2h of idle time.

Hint & Tips

1. Build your mining empire, craft valuable items, explore exotic planets, unlock new technology.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary pack, zonar, relics, frontier, obsidian, resources, science points, rank up, cash,game speed x10
3. Your miners, ships, and heavy machinery are busy at work for hours! Doesn’t matter if you put your phone down when you’re at work, eating, or sleeping at night.

ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe Hack tools Version:


ExoMiner Idle Miner Universe Redeem code - premium gift box

1. X2mtuXJWNiAVbNn
2. 5Kpbq7nTkvrwBcD
3. h7RIqbtna6UcpUJ
4. FflR8QaGUQxDhZQ
5. 4uuOCeurT2E7msQ
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