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Ezoterium Game story

Mrs. Graveston has worked for years as a reporter at the Occult Secrets, fearlessly tracking down mystical occurences and incursions by creatures from other worlds. But she was disapointed every time - they were always just a bad joke, someone's sick imagination, or plain old ignorance. Obviously, the interpid reporter has brought back "mysterious" artifacts and other souvenirs from her trips. Now that she's retired, there are so many of them, in fact, that she's running out of room at her house. Alicia Graveston leaves to visit the Honorable Ladies' Club, all the exhibits in the little museum she's turned her home into...come to life!
Peeping and prying is the worst! Shy Teapot finally decided to tell the beautiful Platella how he feels, and what happened? You should have never interfered. She's never going to live this down - the upper echelons of society wouldn't see someone simple and hard-working like teapot as a good match for her. All she can do is shatter herself in shame. But that's fine - the fairies will put her back together.
Welcome home my friend. Follow me, I'll show you my universe. Start your journey here. How to play: Swap two touching items to line up three of the same kind. Match four pieces to receive a Firecracker. Swap with neighbor to activate it. Destroy all the colorful tiles to beat the level. Make matches over it. Clear crates by making matches next to them.

Ezoterium Hack Basics trucos

Back when she was little, Alicia's father instilled in her an admirable taste for order in everything she did and thought - is there any other way for a true lady to be? And the fact that a house elf and a dozen fairies are actually keeping an eye on her...she doesn't need to know that. The involuntary guests at Graveston's house enjoy helping the person who saved them. For example, the flower fairy makes a bouquet flourish that withered ten years ago.
The wise owl has read hundreds of books, though its favorites are family psychoanalysis and clinical psychiatry. And even though it enjoys practicing, the problem is that the Graveston home's mysterious residents don't trust shrinks. If they did, the owl would have told them that pulling a sleep-walker out of their imaginary world is a terrible idea. If someone is walking in their sleep, play along. Wait, does anybody actually sleep around here?

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No, this is crazy! No sooner do you wrap your web around a dried bouquet in the hopes of catching some delicious little bugs, that the damn fairy brings it to life! How much longer can this go on? I may be a forced immigrant from the Peruvian plains, but that doesn't mean everyone can treat me like this. I'm hungry too!
You can make a broom out of the cannibal leader's headpiece. You can even sweep the floor with it, only don't be surprised if the trash suddenly takes on form, character and bad habits. Smoking, drinking and overeating are hard when you don't have a stomach or lungs. So that just leaves gambling! Have you ever seen dust bunnies playing cards? No? In that case, pay the retired reporter a visit. There's a lot more to see there too.
The mountain drawlers happened upon the paper's Alpine expedition. The Occult Secrets team was looking for the remnants of an ancient beast, while the bearded little fatties were hunting for something to eat. The pastries Alicia always had around touched them deeply, and the population of Graveston's house grew once again. The drawlers quickly made themselves at home, though they still occasionally dream of the steep mountain slopes. The tubby little guys scale sheer cliffs just the way they are - in their pajamas and nightcaps.

Ezoterium Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The more pieces you match, the more powerful bonus you create.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Ezoterium cheat code - give: unlimited moves, unlock planet, stars, gold coins, unlock elements, booster pack, off ads, offline mode, pets
3. Hammer - use it to break any tile on the field. Drag Hammer to the field to breack any tile. Tap, HOLD and DRAG bonus to use it.
4. Match five pieces to receive a Bomb. Swap with neighbor to activate it.

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