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Fading Space hack cheat code List

Ads Free Version - use hack ZFS0M3tfu
daily pack - enter pass 9TQxsDKPd
Extra Light Powerups(X20) - b9Mve6y7z
Extra Time Powerups(X20) - ePlptm1cV
booster pack - 7eQfjx2Rp
Extra Light&Time Powerups(X50) - SkLWAxHVv
Month Card x1 - CJu9ojC60
auto clicker - hxFadvSef
daily gift bag x10 - irqEfTlm9
free wheel - 5y7y6kfjo
treasure chest - HMIz0ucAi
premium - oElx8TvwD
upgrade - Fe8WMsCOo
level up - hAmJiXj63
gems - G0sJALe7f

Fading Space use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hi,Cap! Welcome on board1 It's our mission to navigate this ship to the warp gate. This is a safe zone, so just tap on the nearest beacon to make the ship fly toward it. Remember, you're not on Earth anymore. You can't just stop in space - get back on course by tapping the screen in the right direction. Let's move to the next beacon, but be careful of obstacles.

Fading Space Hack Basics

You can fly to the warp gate to finish this level and start a real adventure. Remember, every time you tap, light energy is consumed, and you'll need light to survive in space. You were born to be a pilot. The gate will stay open longer than it will on other levels, so move fast in order to escape, and to get better scores.

Hint & Tips

1.If something's too difficult or you run out of light, activate light power-up. Give it a try by pressing the light button on the bottom panel. Here are some free power-ups for your good work. More power-ups can be found in the shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Ads Free Version, Extra Light Powerups(X20), Extra Time Powerups(X20), Extra Light&Time Powerups(X50)
3. 7 stages with different game mechanics and challenges such as: dangerous lazer guns, mines, teleporters and many others; it keeps playing experience original and interesting through the whole game

Fading Space Hack tools Version:


Fading Space Redeem code - premium gift box

1. P5BGtKhtf74wyEx
2. QAHdTAwxv93MRY8
3. HofApKaw1Ob3seC
4. yJELnXdszOahtUf
5. FYCnKLXttcfCsSW
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Hack Release Date: 03 Januar 2021
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