Cheats hack FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite code:fragments, jewel, outfit, mount, materials, key of mystery, artifact, diamonds FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite hack cheat code List

premium equipment - use hack gBnfSodXF
daily pack - enter pass chUTuFMsD
secret combination - aih7vyG9b
fragments - gfXvNt8gg
booster pack - 1txbmHghw
jewel box - VeEiN760z
Month Card x1 - dIKtwjltN
level up - FwfoCNWNt
exclusive outfit - rTUKC1Ubz
mount - GoWLFSNBX
daily gift bag x10 - R0AaKcQkm
SSR hero - aKEpou0uH
enhance materials - TVXtTFPzk
coins - RDCtdTn3Z
upgrade - N9gyU8yFe
key of mystery (gold) - 0zhyEs5kY
artifact - N2zfe0bIM
diamonds - KhzSKIwIM

FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Dear wizards, authorizes by Kodansha, the long-waited has officially launched on 12/30. Multiple gifts have been prepared to welcome all of you that have arrived at the wizard work. 1. 500,000 pre-reg, SS Erza has been sent on all servers. Pre-registration number has reached 500,000! Pre-reg rewards, including silver bundle big, Natsu assistance fragments, Lacrima bundle, leve 3 jewel box, Erza assistance card, will be sent to the in-game mail after logging to the game. 2. 28 day login rewards - wizards will get abundant rewards every day after creating the role within 28 days, including Luxus assistance fragments, magic beast, limited wind chasing horse, beach party outfit, premium equipment, and other rewards.

FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite Hack Basics

Gotcha rate disclosure: house of magic - SS assistant card & fragments, other assistant cards , house of magic mileage. Gold chest - legendary magic beast fragment, legendary magic beast fragment, magic beast related, silver and gold. Archaelogy - grade I - III reward. Mount, homeland related, Epitaph, artifact, development material. You can already complete tasks on your own, but i still worry for you. Did you eat when you felt hungry? Did you find a nice tavern to stay? Did you manage to get through dangers? Everyone misses you. We hope that you'll return to the magic classroom soon.

Hint & Tips

1.Each wizard can either create or join guilds. Let guild members be your most reliable backup during your adventure!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium equipment, fragments, jewel box, exclusive outfit, mount, SSS hero, enhance materials, key of mystery (gold), artifact, diamonds
3. Besides guilds, players will be able to chat with other wizards in the world channel and look for adventure partners.

FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite Hack tools Version:


FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite Redeem code - premium gift box

1. IUgkY568NCC65DE
2. JesYJl518aC3NVd
3. u9azSy3jw8z0sYz
4. md90Nzy2PvwKThY
5. NB9Hxd28sjmUOpA
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